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Description Today no one can count on their job or occupation remaining the same over time. Today's job seeker must enter the workforce with a clear understanding of what they can offer an employer or business concern. This entails more than just education. Today's careers may not be here tomorrow. Armed with the knowledge of how to transition and what to do should your career change is important in today's and tomorrow's world. Career Camp is a program of Network Career Counseling, a business with over 23 years of experience working with adults and youth. The expertise of the staff includes direct job placement as well as career counseling. The combined background of counseling and then placing people in jobs gives our staff real life as well as theoretical knowledge of careers. Career Camp is designed to lead the participant through career defining experiences using testing, interactive exercises, and culminating in a thought out career action plan. The group setting offers the fun of a camp experience including Professional Golf Lessons on the Brookside Learning Range with Kathy Choi, PGA Certified Instructor. Dates of Career Camp are: June 29 & 30 July 13 & 14 Aug. 10 & 11 Aug. 24 & 25 Register online: Follow us on Twitter
Address 1 1133 Rosemont Ave.
Pasadena, CA
Phone 818-545-8056
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