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Meet Elizabeth Marks, author of Zaven's Destiny

Meet Eliabeth Marks, author of the newly released book presenting her father's story of survival, "Zaven's Destiny." Introduced by Lew Stowers, "Zaven's Destiny" thrusts us into the flesh and blood realities of an event too often overlooked or minimized. Zaven’s whole world collapsed with the Armenian genocide but amazingly, he did not collapse along with it. Instead, he defied the odds, sacrificed personal safety and prosperity, and stood up for his people Marks (Margosian) grew up in an Armenian community in Watertown, Massachusetts. Years after her father died, she learned of an unpublished manuscript and determined it was the story of her father’s life. Completing the manuscript became a labor of love and a re-discovery of the father she hadn’t really known but learned to respect and cherish.

Date: 08/18/15

Time: 7:30 P.M.

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