Andre Coleman

Stories by Andre Coleman

Close calls

Survey says parcel tax and bond measure lack sufficient support for passage

Author Andre Coleman Date 06/26/2008
Identity crisis

When they learn his whereabouts, maybe Orange County officials will finally get accused killer John Whitaker’s name right

Author Andre Coleman Date 06/19/2008
Barack goes downtown
Author Andre Coleman Date 06/12/2008
Suffer the children

Federal civil rights probe at Marshall prompts call for school police reform    

Author Andre Coleman Date 06/05/2008
Fringe benefits

Checkered pasts won’t stop candidates from attacking DA Steve Cooley

Author Andre Coleman Date 05/29/2008
Just a phone call away

All council members miss meetings, but one uses telecommuting to keep up with city business from far away

Author Andre Coleman , Joe Piasecki Date 05/22/2008
Girls gone nuts

Stats show alarming growth in violent racial and girl-on-girl incidents, including Blair’s ‘Day of Six Fights’

Author Andre Coleman Date 05/15/2008
Smoking out dissent

Business leaders stand mute as council votes to draft sweeping anti-smoking law

Author Andre Coleman Date 05/07/2008
Slow burn

Low winds save Sierra Madre from potential fire disaster

Author Andre Coleman , Joe Piasecki Date 05/01/2008