Bettijane Levine

Stories by Bettijane Levine

Arcadia Goes Boom

The recent influx of Chinese money into the real estate market has prompted some to call the city “the Chinese Beverly Hills.”

Author Bettijane Levine Date 03/01/2015
Pet Tech

Lassie can come home with GPS — one of a growing pack of technological perks for the 21st-century pet.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/09/2015
Faux Hair Takes Root

Celebrities and everyday women are flipping for wigs that take the pain out of bad-hair days.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/09/2015
Chefs' Holidays

Three top Arroyoland chefs share their seasonal traditions and recipes.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/09/2015
Happy Days is Here Again

Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams, who star in Boston Court’s fall revival of Samuel Beckett’s darkly comic classic, talk about marriage, the apocalypse and other timeless truths.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 10/09/2014
Doors and Outdoors

Here’s some of the latest and most enduring in outdoor residential design from the terrace to the threshold.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 09/01/2014
Do Common Core Standards Measure Up?

The new standardized English and math requirements for K through 12 have ignited controversy across the country.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 08/01/2014
Playing for Keeps

Playhouse District Association Executive Director Erlinda Romo talks about the organization’s strategy for revitalizing Pasadena’s cultural heart and ensuring its future.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 07/01/2014
Behind the Stone Face

French Stewart stars as Buster Keaton in an illuminating new play about the silent film actor’s Rise and Fall and Rise at the Pasadena Playhouse. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 06/02/2014
Whither Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel kitchen appliances still dominate the market, but many affluent consumers are opting for more colorful or integrated looks.  

Author Bettijane Levine Date 04/30/2014
A New Take on Old Age

More and more people over 65 are living healthier, more active lives with all the perks of their younger years — fulfilling work and, yes, romance.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 04/03/2014
The Art of the Garden

The Norton Simon celebrates Nancy Goslee Power’s winning design for its sculpture garden, which turns 15 this year. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/26/2014
A Romance for All Seasons

Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia Ward Kelly, explores their May-December romance and his artistic legacy onstage at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/07/2014
The Goats of San Marino

Seven “real housewives” find strength, sisterhood and adventure by scaling the heights as a herd.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 01/03/2014
Billy the Mime

Also known as Steven Banks, Billy puts a unique twist on the much-maligned art form. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 12/06/2013