Bettijane Levine

Stories by Bettijane Levine

The Goats of San Marino

Seven “real housewives” find strength, sisterhood and adventure by scaling the heights as a herd.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 01/03/2014
Billy the Mime

Also known as Steven Banks, Billy puts a unique twist on the much-maligned art form. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 12/06/2013
Home Schooling

Altadena’s Institute of Domestic Technology offers classes on DIY foodcrafting skills that help make a house a home. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 11/01/2013
Susanita's Album

Charles Lummis’ rare book of historic Southern California photos dedicated to an unrequited love has been acquired by the Huntington Library.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 10/03/2013
Wild for Wallpaper

Grandma’s dated decorative staple has returned, using designs and techniques that are fresh, fabulous and utterly fashion forward.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 09/11/2013
Yours, Mine and Whose?

Avoid these estate-planning pitfalls of particular concern to blended families.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 08/12/2013
Managing Your Online Reputation

A small-business guide to maintaining positive word of mouth in the age of Yelp

Author Bettijane Levine Date 07/01/2013
Design for Living

The 49th Pasadena Showcase House of Design is a rich pastiche of styles and colors, as well as a testament to one of Southern California’s underappreciated architects, Roland Coate.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 05/03/2013
Geragos for the Defense

In a new book, celebrity attorney Mark Geragos argues that defense lawyers get no respect in this country. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 04/05/2013
Love is All You Need

In his latest book, Pasadena Pastor Ed Bacon describes a path toward uniting our fractious, divided nation. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/01/2013
Wonder Bugs

Caltech medical microbiogist Sarkis Mazmanian’s pioneering research on the curative powers of good bacteria earned him a 2012 MacArthur “genius award.”

Author Bettijane Levine Date 01/03/2013
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superdrone!

The future of flight is unmanned, and that can be a good thing for all of us, say some in the business of making the pilotless aircraft known as drones.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 11/08/2012
Is Marriage Dead?

No, but it's becoming an elusive luxury for more and more Americans sliding down the economic scale.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/01/2012
The Innovation Factory

At Pasadena’s Idealab, the remarkably inventive Bill Gross creates and spins off new-tech businesses the world doesn’t even know it needs — yet.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 11/01/2011
An Explosive Legacy

Rachel Fermi hunted down the photographic record of the Manhattan Project and the men behind it, including her grandfather, Enrico Fermi, known as “the father of the atomic bomb.”

Author Bettijane Levine Date 10/01/2011