Bettijane Levine

Stories by Bettijane Levine

A New Take on Old Age

More and more people over 65 are living healthier, more active lives with all the perks of their younger years — fulfilling work and, yes, romance.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 04/03/2014
The Art of the Garden

The Norton Simon celebrates Nancy Goslee Power’s winning design for its sculpture garden, which turns 15 this year. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/26/2014
A Romance for All Seasons

Gene Kelly’s widow, Patricia Ward Kelly, explores their May-December romance and his artistic legacy onstage at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/07/2014
The Goats of San Marino

Seven “real housewives” find strength, sisterhood and adventure by scaling the heights as a herd.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 01/03/2014
Billy the Mime

Also known as Steven Banks, Billy puts a unique twist on the much-maligned art form. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 12/06/2013
Home Schooling

Altadena’s Institute of Domestic Technology offers classes on DIY foodcrafting skills that help make a house a home. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 11/01/2013
Susanita's Album

Charles Lummis’ rare book of historic Southern California photos dedicated to an unrequited love has been acquired by the Huntington Library.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 10/03/2013
Wild for Wallpaper

Grandma’s dated decorative staple has returned, using designs and techniques that are fresh, fabulous and utterly fashion forward.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 09/11/2013
Yours, Mine and Whose?

Avoid these estate-planning pitfalls of particular concern to blended families.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 08/12/2013
Managing Your Online Reputation

A small-business guide to maintaining positive word of mouth in the age of Yelp

Author Bettijane Levine Date 07/01/2013
Design for Living

The 49th Pasadena Showcase House of Design is a rich pastiche of styles and colors, as well as a testament to one of Southern California’s underappreciated architects, Roland Coate.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 05/03/2013
Geragos for the Defense

In a new book, celebrity attorney Mark Geragos argues that defense lawyers get no respect in this country. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 04/05/2013
Love is All You Need

In his latest book, Pasadena Pastor Ed Bacon describes a path toward uniting our fractious, divided nation. 

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/01/2013
Wonder Bugs

Caltech medical microbiogist Sarkis Mazmanian’s pioneering research on the curative powers of good bacteria earned him a 2012 MacArthur “genius award.”

Author Bettijane Levine Date 01/03/2013
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superdrone!

The future of flight is unmanned, and that can be a good thing for all of us, say some in the business of making the pilotless aircraft known as drones.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 11/08/2012