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Start off your evening at one of these fine Pasadena-area drinking establishments.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 02/01/2016
A Falstaffian Feast

Do make a production out of holiday entertaining this year.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 12/06/2013
The Care and Feeding of Chocolate Lovers

After a dubious beginning, chocolate has soared to the top of foodies’ most-wanted list.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 11/01/2013
A Mediterranean Mélange

Kal’s Mediterranean Bistro embraces culinary influences from throughout the region.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 06/03/2013
True Blood

Knives are being eagerly sharpened for the Royce's latest incarnation as a high-end steakhouse.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 05/03/2013
An Eye-Opening Whiskey Bar

The Blind Donkey serves up familiar and esoteric brands from its menu of 60 craft whiskeys.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 04/05/2013
Where to Land on V-Day

Looking for a place to entertain your valentine? No need to look beyond these hot-blooded spots in Arroyoland.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 02/01/2013
Sweets for the Sweet

Bittersweet Treats’ masterly confections persuade even savory foodies that since life is short, it really does pay to eat dessert first (but last works, too).

Author Bradley Tuck Date 02/01/2013
An Heirloom for the Palate

Demonstrating that everything old is new again, Heirloom L.A. looks to the past to serve creative cuisine in the present.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 01/03/2013
Pop (Up) Goes the Burger

Burger Haven, Haven Gastropub's new pop-up restaurant-within-a-restaurant, offers quick lunches for busy foodies.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 11/08/2012
At Long Last, Trattoria Neapolis

Owner Perry Vidalakis prepped for many years before unveiling his rustic Italian restaurant on Lake.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 09/06/2012
Al Fresco in Arroyo

As midsummer beckons, you can have your cake and eat it too at one of these outdoor dining destinations.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 09/01/2012
You, Glorious You

Single this year? Celebrate Valentine's Day with the one you love --- you! --- at one of these tasty havens for the unattached.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 02/01/2012
Under the Rainbow

There’s no place like Auntie Em’s, a culinary cottage in Eagle Rock with a chef-owner who’s a former punk rocker.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 01/01/2012
A Pie to Make a Pizzaiola Cry

Settebello’s menu of Neapolitan pizza is so authentic, it’s fully certified. Yes, that’s right – certified.

Author Bradley Tuck Date 11/01/2011