Brenda Rees

Stories by Brenda Rees

Vision Quest

Caltech is training computers to identify the exact flora and fauna they’re “seeing.”

Author Brenda Rees Date 11/01/2016
Santa Anita Park Goes High-Tech

The Arcadia racetrack ups the stakes with the latest technology, including betting from smartphones.

Author Brenda Rees Date 11/01/2016
The Incredible Shrinking Garden

Container gardening brings food, color, health, art, design and native appeal to small spaces.

Author Brenda Rees Date 02/25/2016
Galleries of Change

The Autry National Center celebrated its 25th anniversary with a thoughtful remodel that brings two galleries into the 21st century.

Author Brenda Rees Date 10/03/2013
Back to the Land

City folk reconnect with their roots at bed-and-breakfasts that offer farming experiences.

Author Brenda Rees Date 07/01/2013
Still Skinny After All These Years

Daniella Clarke, founder of Frankie B. Jeans in Glendale, clothes celebrities and their fans in her rockin’ premium denim designs.

Author Brenda Rees Date 07/01/2013
Walk This Way

Whether competitive or social, walking brings seniors health, wealth and companionship.

Author Brenda Rees Date 04/05/2013
Mid-century Marvelous

David Johnson of Sidecar Furniture takes us back to a time when furniture was in a delicious groove.

Author Brenda Rees Date 09/01/2011
Feet First

High-end shoe designer Rafi Balouzian of Burbank’s Cydwoq believes it's silly to suffer for beauty.

Author Brenda Rees Date 02/01/2011
Burning Down the House

As the driving force behind Equilibrium Pilates Studio, Annabelle Rosemurgy strikes a balance between fitness, work and life.

Author Brenda Rees Date 01/01/2011
You Are What You Eat

And A diet rich in plant-based foods is key to preventing cancer.

Author Brenda Rees Date 01/01/2011
Art at the Arclight

How about a little art with your popcorn? Arclight Cinemas showcase local talent in their nontraditional art galleries.

Author Brenda Rees Date 12/02/2010
Theater for Rocket Scientists

Left brains meet right for fun (but not necessarily profit)in Brian Brophy’s Theater Arts at Caltech program.

Author Brenda Rees Date 10/01/2010
A tuition math tutorial:

One plus one plus one plus… Parents of private school students find help for the headache of relentlessly rising bills in a grim economy.

Author Brenda Rees Date 09/01/2010