Carla Sameth

Stories by Carla Sameth

Breaking Boundaries

Author Elissa Washuta debuts with the transformative ‘My Body is a Book of Rules’

Author Carla Sameth , Christina Bacock Date 10/23/2014
Ruggers Ready to Rumble

Could the Pasadena Women’s Rugby Football Club teach an old ‘hooker’ new tricks?

Author Carla Sameth Date 02/26/2014
'Just friends' no more

By tossing portions of DOMA and dismissing Proposition 8, US Supreme Court helps move gay marriage into the mainstream 

Author Carla Sameth Date 07/02/2013
In Defense of Family

The story of one battle in the war over marriage equality

Author Carla Sameth Date 04/11/2013
Bashing the bashed

Some who read about deputy-involved violence on the Gold Line blame the victim

Author Carla Sameth Date 12/05/2012
One day on the Gold Line

Pasadena writer Carla Sameth becomes an unlikely victim of bloody violence at the hands of sheriff’s deputies patrolling the local commuter train

Author Carla Sameth Date 08/30/2012
Word up!

The Pasadena Writing Project aims to change lives with THE STROKE OF A PEN

Author Carla Sameth , Jervey Tervalon Date 05/06/2010