Ilsa Setziol

Stories by Ilsa Setziol


Exercising kids’ bodies also builds their brains.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 08/01/2016
Losing Your Lawn

Turf-free gardens offer design challenges — and rewards.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 02/26/2014

After years of progress, is Southland air still making us sick? 

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 01/03/2014
3D It Yourself

Deezmaker is making Pasadena a hub for the new wave of 3D printing.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 09/11/2013
Dancers Move Beyond Parkinson's At Lineage

The Pasadena performing arts center raises the curtain on dance for people with disabilities. 

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 01/03/2013
Flights of fancy

A horticulturist transforms her South Pasadena garden into a butterfly habitat.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 03/01/2011
Your big yard

All the world’s a classroom, so put on your hiking or biking shoes and take the family to these parks and gardens for a master class in Southern California’s abundant flora and fauna.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 09/01/2010
Natural Wonders

L.A. County Arboretum experts pick the Top 10 sustainable plants for your garden.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 03/01/2010
Raising the Bar on Strength

The Bar Method borrows dancers’ secrets for sculpting fierce muscles.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 01/01/2010
Rocking Music's ivory tower

Pasadena’s Rob Cutietta, dean of USC’s Thornton School of Music, gives props to pop in the university’s fall launch of groundbreaking degree programs.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 10/01/2009
The Sounds of Joyful Abandon

What do the thundering cantata Carmina Burana and early childhood music education have in common? A musically literate mom investigates at Pasadena Conservatory of Music.

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 10/01/2009
The Urban Homestead

City slickers revive the family farm. 

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 04/30/2009
Going Native

Grow local flora with plants from other Mediterranean climates for a fragrant garden that blooms throughout the year. 

Author Ilsa Setziol Date 04/30/2009