John Grula

Stories by John Grula

Outbreak of Truth

Time to clean house at Huntington Hospital following nurses ruling and failure to report ‘superbug’ infections

Author John Grula Date 07/07/2016
Get Better Soon

NLRB ruling and personal experiences point to the need for improvements at Huntington Hospital

Author John Grula Date 02/25/2016
Size Matters

And bigger is not better when it comes to Pasadena’s overdevelopment problem

Author John Grula Date 02/04/2016
Drilling for Answers

Assemblyman Chris Holden’s failure to get Democrat support for a groundwater monitoring bill raises concerns

Author John Grula Date 08/06/2015
Bad Water Choices

There are better ways to save California’s most precious commodity

Author John Grula Date 06/18/2015
Hard Facts

By all accounts, a nurse’s union is likely to improve the performance of Huntington Memorial Hospital

Author John Grula Date 03/26/2015

NLRB finds probable cause to believe Huntington Hospital engaged in unfair labor practices against nurses trying to form a union

Author John Grula Date 02/12/2015
Sacred Cows

Why is the drive to unionize Huntington Hospital RNs being ignored by most of the Pasadena City Council and the mainstream press?

Author John Grula Date 12/31/2014
Huntington Hospital is Ill

Pasadena leaders come to the aid of nurses trying to organize a union

Author John Grula Date 11/06/2014
Biting Into Pet Overpopulation

Pasadena needs to enact a spay and neuter ordinance for dogs and cats

Author John Grula Date 09/25/2014
More Than a Fad

How going gluten-free saved my life

Author John Grula Date 08/21/2014
Hands Off Syria

Local representatives should vote no on funding Syrian ‘moderates’

Author John Grula Date 07/17/2014
Fracking Failure

The inability of lawmakers to enact a fracking moratorium is the latest example of Big Oil’s political power

Author John Grula Date 06/26/2014
A dirty deal

There’s money to be made, but not by people asked to live with fracking

Author John Grula Date 05/21/2014
The War on Whales

Navy sonar and explosive tests likely to be deadly or extremely harmful to all marine mammals within hearing range

Author John Grula Date 04/16/2014