John Grula

Stories by John Grula

Hands Off Syria

Local representatives should vote no on funding Syrian ‘moderates’

Author John Grula Date 07/17/2014
Fracking Failure

The inability of lawmakers to enact a fracking moratorium is the latest example of Big Oil’s political power

Author John Grula Date 06/26/2014
A dirty deal

There’s money to be made, but not by people asked to live with fracking

Author John Grula Date 05/21/2014
The War on Whales

Navy sonar and explosive tests likely to be deadly or extremely harmful to all marine mammals within hearing range

Author John Grula Date 04/16/2014
Disaster waiting to happen

Lawmakers need a better understanding of the dangers of fracking

Author John Grula Date 03/20/2014
Water or Oil?

Gov. Brown needs to declare a moratorium on fracking in ecologically fragile California

Author John Grula Date 01/16/2014
Fighting the truth

Contrary to what their fans say, pit bulls require extra-special attention

Author John Grula Date 11/26/2013
A matter of time

Pit bulls, which are genetically predisposed to be aggressive, should be banned in Pasadena

Author John Grula Date 10/16/2013
To frack or not to frack

Fracking needs to be phased out as we phase in more renewable energy sources

Author John Grula Date 09/11/2013
Peaceful coexistence

It’s hard to make a stink over the family of friendly skunks living under my porch 

Author John Grula Date 07/17/2013
Nuclear power: RIP?

Solar and other renewable energy sources have never looked better since the closure of the leaking San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Author John Grula Date 07/02/2013
A festering wound

Time to defuse nuclear Cold War tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Author John Grula Date 05/23/2013
Zero-sum games

Peace activists take little solace in knowing they were right about Afghanistan and Iraq

Author John Grula Date 05/02/2013
Beyond the water's edge

Coastal Commission should be applauded for rejecting the Navy’s bid to conduct high-intensity sonar tests

Author John Grula Date 04/17/2013
Where's the justice?

Edison gets slap on the wrist for poor performance during devastating windstorm

Author John Grula Date 02/13/2013