John Grula

Stories by John Grula

The brave new world of climate change

With zero chance of stopping global warming, the best we can do is mitigate and slow down its effects

Author John Grula Date 08/23/2012
Pasadena Water and Power's coal problem

Local utility must do more to replace coal with natural gas to meet power needs

Author John Grula Date 07/19/2012
Nuclear deals with the devil?

US could learn from Japanese example in reducing nuclear energy dependency

Fourth in a series on the performance of California utilities

Author John Grula Date 06/14/2012
Power for the people

California’s utilities crisis won't end without reform of the PUC (Third in a series examining the performance of electric utilities in California)

Author John Grula Date 05/03/2012
Reality, insanity and Iran

Waging a pre-emptive war against Iran over its nuclear program is a really bad idea

Author John Grula Date 03/15/2012
Private profit v. public good

That CPUC is investigating SCE and not PWP speaks volumes about the performance of both during the recent windstorms

Author John Grula Date 02/09/2012
Power vacuum

SCE’s poor windstorm performance proves Pasadena was right in not privatizing its electric utility

Author John Grula Date 12/29/2011
Let the sunshine in

Try vitamin D to turn around Seasonal Affective Disorder

Author John Grula Date 12/08/2011
Solar power at a crossroads

GOP attacks on solar energy are political maneuvers aimed at keeping us addicted to oil

Author John Grula Date 11/10/2011
Hell on the horizon

Climate-change deniers like Texas Gov. Perry don’t want to be confused with the facts about extreme weather

Author John Grula Date 09/22/2011
Havoc in Cyberspace

Hackers could conceivably cripple the us

Author John Grula Date 08/18/2011
Pakistan's loose nukes

Comprehensive nuclear disarmament remains as urgent as ever

Author John Grula Date 06/16/2011
Relearning deadly lessons

Operations at California nuke plants need to be pared back and finally stopped

Author John Grula Date 03/31/2011
No magic bullet

Deadly strikes by heavily armed drones made in So Cal and controlled in Vegas only deepen the Af-Pak quagmire

Author John Grula Date 12/02/2010

Senate could sink Obama’s ambitious plan for reducing nuclear arms

Author John Grula Date 08/26/2010