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Nuclear deals with the devil?

US could learn from Japanese example in reducing nuclear energy dependency

Fourth in a series on the performance of California utilities

Author John Grula Date 06/14/2012
Power for the people

California’s utilities crisis won't end without reform of the PUC (Third in a series examining the performance of electric utilities in California)

Author John Grula Date 05/03/2012
Reality, insanity and Iran

Waging a pre-emptive war against Iran over its nuclear program is a really bad idea

Author John Grula Date 03/15/2012
Private profit v. public good

That CPUC is investigating SCE and not PWP speaks volumes about the performance of both during the recent windstorms

Author John Grula Date 02/09/2012
Power vacuum

SCE’s poor windstorm performance proves Pasadena was right in not privatizing its electric utility

Author John Grula Date 12/29/2011
Let the sunshine in

Try vitamin D to turn around Seasonal Affective Disorder

Author John Grula Date 12/08/2011
Solar power at a crossroads

GOP attacks on solar energy are political maneuvers aimed at keeping us addicted to oil

Author John Grula Date 11/10/2011
Hell on the horizon

Climate-change deniers like Texas Gov. Perry don’t want to be confused with the facts about extreme weather

Author John Grula Date 09/22/2011
Havoc in Cyberspace

Hackers could conceivably cripple the us

Author John Grula Date 08/18/2011
Pakistan's loose nukes

Comprehensive nuclear disarmament remains as urgent as ever

Author John Grula Date 06/16/2011
Relearning deadly lessons

Operations at California nuke plants need to be pared back and finally stopped

Author John Grula Date 03/31/2011
No magic bullet

Deadly strikes by heavily armed drones made in So Cal and controlled in Vegas only deepen the Af-Pak quagmire

Author John Grula Date 12/02/2010

Senate could sink Obama’s ambitious plan for reducing nuclear arms

Author John Grula Date 08/26/2010
A Cold War wound

America should do all it can to reduce growing tension between the two Koreas

Author John Grula Date 07/01/2010
Peace or World War III?

Does Iran’s nuclear program merit the ruckus it is raising?

Author John Grula Date 04/08/2010