Justin Chapman

Stories by Justin Chapman

The 'end' of something special

Ben McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World has one big event in store before closing for good

Author Justin Chapman Date 12/02/2010
Shelter from the storm

The Rev. Rick Eisenlord starts a new church in response to a spate of gay teen suicides

Author Justin Chapman Date 11/18/2010
Act II, Scene I

Renowned for his theater criticism, new PCC President Mark Rocha downplays real-life dramas while producing quality education with dwindling funds

Author Justin Chapman Date 09/23/2010
'I swear, Suzy'

A promise grows into the world’s largest breast cancer awareness group

Author Justin Chapman Date 09/23/2010
Stick 'em up

Journalist Robert Scheer explores the roots of the Great Recession

Author Justin Chapman Date 09/09/2010
Dishing some new old dirt

Century-awaited Twain memoir release and Huntington Bukowski exhibit show the truth isn’t always pretty

Author Justin Chapman Date 08/26/2010
A bizarre and tragic end

More troubling questions remain about the sheriff’s role in the death of Mitrice Richardson

Author Justin Chapman Date 08/13/2010
The handwriting on the wall

Racist murals depicting black women in sexual situations are found during the latest search for Mitrice Richardson

Author André Coleman , Justin Chapman Date 07/22/2010
Something in the air

WP-3D Orions collect air samples to better understand climate change impacts

Author Justin Chapman Date 07/01/2010
The 'End' is near

McGinty’s studio tour and silent auction to benefit his Gallery at the End of the World

Author Justin Chapman Date 06/24/2010
Time and place

After getting a ticket, Councilwoman Margaret McAustin feels motivated to improve city parking

Author Justin Chapman Date 06/03/2010
That's Envirotainment!

Green film fest hopes to change the way we think about ourselves and our world

Author Justin Chapman Date 03/18/2010
'Triangle of Life'

Disaster experts debate three vastly different approaches to what people should do during an earthquake

Author Justin Chapman Date 03/11/2010
Ready, willing, but unable

Though hopeful for a happy ending, mayor says the city is already doing as much as it can to help the now-closed Pasadena Playhouse

Author Justin Chapman Date 03/05/2010