Justin Chapman

Stories by Justin Chapman

'Come Together'

Bernie Sanders talks about resisting Trump’s policies, reforming the Democratic Party and his new book at the Alex Theatre

Author Justin Chapman Date 12/01/2016
Fight the Power

Battle lines are drawn in the struggle against Trump’s divisive policy plans

Author Justin Chapman , Mercedes Blackeheart Date 12/01/2016
'Beauty' Fights Back

Author and activist Ellen Snortland’s documentary on women’s self-defense screens Friday at Laemmle Playhouse 7

Author Justin Chapman Date 11/10/2016
Together Again

Comedy legends Eric Idle and John Cleese of Monty Python reunite for a two-man show at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Author Justin Chapman Date 11/03/2016
Positive Thinking

A new documentary series by Pasadena-based filmmakers explores ways to find ‘hope, love and beauty’ in tragic situations

Author Justin Chapman Date 08/04/2016
'New Roots'

Pasadena resident Dr. Terrence Roberts recounts his experience as one of the Little Rock Nine in 1957

Author Justin Chapman Date 02/11/2016
'Primary' Lessons

Echoes of the 2016 presidential race reverberate in Geoffrey Cowan’s book on Teddy Roosevelt’s doomed 1912 campaign

Author Justin Chapman Date 01/14/2016
The Sounds of Home

Brendan Farrell’s HowLoud lets homebuyers know how much noise a location really generates

Author Justin Chapman Date 08/27/2015
Soaring Support

Thousands fill LA Memorial Sports Arena to hear presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Author Justin Chapman Date 08/13/2015
'Creative Intersections'

Innovative EpicSpaces Co-Working is reinventing the workplace

Author Justin Chapman Date 08/06/2015
Man of Peace

Jimmy Carter discusses his ‘Full Life’ at Vroman’s Bookstore

Author Justin Chapman Date 07/30/2015
Man on a Mission

Former California Attorney General John Van de Kamp on capital punishment, jail reform and the need for police oversight

Author Justin Chapman Date 06/25/2015
Trash Talk

Pasadena and Eagle Rock residents anxiously await word from Glendale on proposed expansion of Scholl Canyon Landfill

Author Justin Chapman Date 05/14/2015
Round Two

Robinson and Tornek to square off in mayoral runoff; Hampton and Wells will fight again for District 1

Author André Coleman , Justin Chapman Date 03/12/2015
Pitch Perfect

Soccer’s popularity grows locally with 3,000 players recreationally competing in the Pasadena Adult Soccer League

Author Justin Chapman Date 03/05/2015