Justin Chapman

Stories by Justin Chapman

Round-the-clock art

It’s all art all the time with this year’s ARTWalk and ArtNight

Author Justin Chapman Date 10/07/2010
Liberty's biggest threats

Chemerinsky to speak Sunday at event honoring retiring ACLU head Ramona Ripston

Author Justin Chapman Date 09/30/2010
The heart of it

NYC’s Calpulli Dance Co. brings traditional Mexican dance to Caltech

Author Justin Chapman Date 09/30/2010
Running out of room

Robert Gillespie and Pasadena-based Population Communication get the message out around our ever-shrinking world

Author Justin Chapman Date 09/02/2010
Really fast food

Social networks and diverse menus create instant success for a growing number of fast-food trucks

Author Justin Chapman Date 07/22/2010
The Africa in us all

Altadena’s Art Aids Art organization raises awareness about South African issues as that country prepares to host the World Cup

Author Justin Chapman Date 06/03/2010
Opportunity knocks

College-bound Pasadena students get a boost from scholarships

Author Justin Chapman Date 06/03/2010
Do as I say, not as I do

Weekly finds many city and PUSD employees enjoy unlimited parking privileges as officials mull paper’s recommendations for reform

Author Justin Chapman , Kevin Uhrich Date 05/27/2010
Better late than never

Organizers to hold meetings about Altadena’s secession from PUSD

Author Justin Chapman Date 04/29/2010
New lease on life

City starts eminent domain proceedings to acquire Morgan’s YWCA

Author Justin Chapman Date 04/15/2010
Rawman & Green-Girl to the rescue

Ron Gilmore’s ‘green toon’ heroes eat up the Green Lifestyle Film Fest

Author Justin Chapman , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/08/2010
Nice dreams

Barney Frank leads discussion restoring the ‘American Dream’

Author Justin Chapman Date 04/08/2010
Eminent concern

Pasadena officials may seize Julia Morgan’s long-neglected YWCA building

Author Justin Chapman , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/01/2010
'We are not going away'

Friends Group fights to change sheriff’s nighttime release policy in wake of woman’s disappearance

Author Justin Chapman Date 03/25/2010
Final Curtain

The show won’t go on as the Pasadena Playhouse closes and considers bankruptcy protection

Author Justin Chapman Date 02/04/2010