Kathleen Kelleher

Stories by Kathleen Kelleher

The Best Stuff on Urth

Pasadena’s thirst for coffee is being quenched by the latest Urth Caffé, one of the busiest in the already popular chain. 

Author Kathleen Kelleher Date 07/01/2014
Elderly Athletes

Age is just a number for seniors who challenge themselves physically to reap a fuller life.

Author Kathleen Kelleher Date 04/03/2014
A Mental Disorder or Just Real Life for the Elderly?

Aging specialists clash over new identifications of seniors’ mental disorders in the latest edition of the bible of psychiatry, known as the D.S.M.-5.

Author Kathleen Kelleher Date 04/05/2013
Gay Marriage in the Balance

Gay and lesbian couples in Arroyoland watch closely as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to rule on same-sex marriage in California — and possibly the country.

Author Kathleen Kelleher Date 02/01/2013
Tracking Tastes 4.0

Pasadena's fast-growing RateSpecial Interactive is making waves in the super-hot online advertising sector.

Author Kathleen Kelleher Date 11/08/2012
Wired Worries

Are hyper-connected kids facing digital disorders?

Author Kathleen Kelleher Date 09/01/2012
Seniors Who Are Virtual Virtuosos?

You bet. More and more older adults are empowering themselves by learning the ABCs of digital life from grandkids and student volunteers.

Author Kathleen Kelleher Date 09/01/2012