Kayla Irby

Stories by Kayla Irby

A Fiery Future

Experts say climate change is driving up temperatures and the likelihood of wildfires

Author Kayla Irby , Kevin Uhrich Date 08/01/2013
Brick House

Tournament of Roses and Legacy Connections launch a new campaign to complete Rose Bowl renovation  

Author Kayla Irby Date 08/01/2013
Two steps forward, one step back

Activists meet Supreme Court decisions for same-sex marriage and against voting rights with mixed emotions

Author André Coleman , Jeanne Kuang , Kayla Irby Date 07/03/2013
Burn notice

Police crack down on illegal fireworks as city prepares for July 4th show

Author Kayla Irby Date 06/26/2013
Gridiron diamond

Special events mark the 100th Rose Bowl Game

Author Kayla Irby Date 06/20/2013
Granddaddy's facelift

City to host open house at Rose Bowl after project’s high costs lead to credit rating drop

Author Kayla Irby Date 06/05/2013
The Pasadena Way

Jim and Dawn O’Keeffe’s ‘Go Public’ takes an unflinching look at a day in the life of local schools

Author Kayla Irby , Sheila Mendes-Coleman Date 06/05/2013