Kevin Uhrich

Stories by Kevin Uhrich

'Scratch and Sniff'

Court brief claims city takes an after-the-fact approach to detecting toxins in and around Arroyo Seco Canyon Project 

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/20/2016
Tricks & Treats

Top scores go to traditional and innovative restaurants

Author Celene Vargas , Erica Wayne , Kevin Uhrich Date 10/06/2016
From Dusk 'til Dawn

The Pasadena Way reveals itself each time the sun sets and rises

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/06/2016
Healthy Suspicions

Where do ‘conspiracy theories’ begin and end with Hillary Clinton?

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/15/2016
Fall's Blessings

Greater Pasadena offers something to satisfy every artistic taste

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/01/2016
The Power of 'No'

SF’s Kaepernick embodies America’s greatest values by simply sitting down

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/01/2016
Entering the 'Blue Zone'

DMV ‘investigation’ of Rusnak disabled parking placard case leaves much to the imagination

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/25/2016
Fool Us Once ...

Unregulated ‘ENDS’ leave the public exposed to potential health risks of vaping

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/11/2016
Bloody Weekend

Two men are shot Saturday in Robinson Park, another in Altadena; unrelated standoff Sunday ends with armed man’s capture

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 08/04/2016
Justice in the Air

Congressional panel calls for immediate changes at out-of-control TSA

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/28/2016
Vote or Else

A Clinton-Trump presidential race leaves much to be desired

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/28/2016
What Matters Most

Democrats need to unite now to defeat Donald Trump

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/09/2016
Carefree Spirits

The creative nature of Pasadena’s pioneers is foundin many of today’s popular events

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/09/2016
No Middle Ground

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton do battle for the soul of the Democratic Party

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 06/02/2016
Pasadena Confidential

Local women file a federal lawsuit against the city and the cops in connection with two arrests made in a brother-sister dispute over an aging parent’s assets

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/02/2016