Kevin Uhrich

Stories by Kevin Uhrich

Vote Tuesday

Cast your ballots for Barger, Holden, Antonovich, Schiff, Chu and Sanders

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/02/2016
District Divide

A long list of candidates vie to replace Mike Antonovich on the LA County Board of Supervisors

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/26/2016
Nothing for Granted

Schiff works at winning another term in Congress

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/26/2016
Justice for Mitrice

Friends still seeking answers in the mysterious death of Mitrice Richardson

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/19/2016
A Celebration of Life

Family and friends remember Cynthia Rosedale Saturday

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/19/2016
Shaking the Tree

Gov. Brown finally allocates funds to earthquake warning system

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/19/2016
Strike Two

Prosecutors again decline to charge woman arrested for elder abuse and trespassing at the request of her police officer brother

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/12/2016
Keeping the Faith

The Rev. Ed Bacon, one of America’s pre-eminent progressive pastors, prepares to leave Pasadena after 21 years at All Saints Church

Author André Coleman , Carl Kozlowski , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/28/2016
Sibling Rivalry

Police investigating claim of woman who says her brother — a cop — violated her civil rights in two separate arrests related to their aging mother’s estate

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 04/21/2016
Similar Incidents, Different Endings

City marks a number of firsts with shooting of armed man who ran from Pasadena police a second time last week

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/14/2016
Family Fractures

A sibling dispute over their mother’s estate leads to two arrests of a woman at the requests of her brother — a Pasadena police sergeant

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/31/2016
Rall's Wrath

Cartoonist Ted Rall files suit against the LA Times claiming he was wrongfully fired and defamed over controversial blog post

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/24/2016
It's Only Just Begun

Donald Trump’s ascendency to the presidency would be the first ‘act’ in a four-year political tragedy

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/17/2016
Justice for None

The government should be providing legal assistance to children facing deportation proceedings

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/10/2016
The World of Tomorrow

One way to predict the future is to study the past

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 12/31/2015