Kevin Uhrich

Stories by Kevin Uhrich

Strike Two

Prosecutors again decline to charge woman arrested for elder abuse and trespassing at the request of her police officer brother

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/12/2016
Keeping the Faith

The Rev. Ed Bacon, one of America’s pre-eminent progressive pastors, prepares to leave Pasadena after 21 years at All Saints Church

Author André Coleman , Carl Kozlowski , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/28/2016
Sibling Rivalry

Police investigating claim of woman who says her brother — a cop — violated her civil rights in two separate arrests related to their aging mother’s estate

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 04/21/2016
Similar Incidents, Different Endings

City marks a number of firsts with shooting of armed man who ran from Pasadena police a second time last week

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/14/2016
Family Fractures

A sibling dispute over their mother’s estate leads to two arrests of a woman at the requests of her brother — a Pasadena police sergeant

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/31/2016
Rall's Wrath

Cartoonist Ted Rall files suit against the LA Times claiming he was wrongfully fired and defamed over controversial blog post

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/24/2016
It's Only Just Begun

Donald Trump’s ascendency to the presidency would be the first ‘act’ in a four-year political tragedy

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/17/2016
Justice for None

The government should be providing legal assistance to children facing deportation proceedings

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/10/2016
The World of Tomorrow

One way to predict the future is to study the past

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 12/31/2015
Back to School

Beck set to head to UCLA as council begins search for new City Manager

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 11/25/2015
'Broken Promises'

Recently released OIR report takes officers and the department to task over McDade shooting death

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 11/19/2015
Next Step: Rent Control?

Pasadena definitely needs it, and it’s easier to enact than one might think

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 11/12/2015
Time for a Change

Elect Hilsman and Osterling to PCC Board of Trustees

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/29/2015
'Climate of Complacency'

Task force focuses on managerial mediocrity and calls for a ‘commitment to competence’ at City Hall in the wake of $6.4 million embezzlement

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 10/15/2015
Where Dreams Come True

Enchanted people, institutions, landmarks and events embody the Pasadena Way

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 10/08/2015