Kevin Uhrich

Stories by Kevin Uhrich

Angry 'girls'

Old Pas Management District workers file complaints over alleged sexual harassment and discrimination, as well as wage and labor law issues

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 01/15/2014
The last real newspaper

How being turned down for a job at the Herald Examiner saved one reporter’s career

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 01/08/2014
The Year in Review

A look back at the best and worst of 2013

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 12/26/2013
Let's talk turkeys

Less than stellar performances by some of Pasadena’s top leaders in 2013 

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 11/26/2013
The final word

Vincent Bugliosi demythologizes the 50-year-old JFK assassination 

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 11/20/2013
'We didn't know'

Schiff says Congress should have been briefed on high-level wiretaps 

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 11/07/2013
Bloody Halloween

Old Pas assault and road-rage incidents result in injuries to local man 

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 11/06/2013
The long goodbye

Former Pasadena counselor heads to Mexico after deportation is upheld  

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/30/2013
Never is a long time

Caltrans needs help in selling 710 Corridor homes

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/24/2013
Trapped in the Big Horn Mountains

Desperate prayers are answered by modern-day cowboys during a snowy night in Wyoming

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/09/2013
From good to great

Pasadena officials don’t have far to look for ways to improve the Police Department

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/11/2013
Up in Smoke

Health and government officials go on the attack against the billion-dollar e-cigarette industry

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/04/2013
Instant replay

Congress should defy Obama to give peace a chance

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/04/2013
Fall Arts

Home is where the art is

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/26/2013
Stop and think

Questionable stop-and-frisk gains in stopping crime do not justify tossing the Bill of Rights

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/21/2013