Kevin Uhrich

Stories by Kevin Uhrich

Bloody Halloween

Old Pas assault and road-rage incidents result in injuries to local man 

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 11/06/2013
The long goodbye

Former Pasadena counselor heads to Mexico after deportation is upheld  

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/30/2013
Never is a long time

Caltrans needs help in selling 710 Corridor homes

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/24/2013
Trapped in the Big Horn Mountains

Desperate prayers are answered by modern-day cowboys during a snowy night in Wyoming

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 10/09/2013
From good to great

Pasadena officials don’t have far to look for ways to improve the Police Department

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/11/2013
Up in Smoke

Health and government officials go on the attack against the billion-dollar e-cigarette industry

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/04/2013
Instant replay

Congress should defy Obama to give peace a chance

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 09/04/2013
Fall Arts

Home is where the art is

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/26/2013
Stop and think

Questionable stop-and-frisk gains in stopping crime do not justify tossing the Bill of Rights

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/21/2013
Too little, too late

Judge denies novel legal move aimed at changing Pasadena man’s deportation order

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/15/2013
A Fiery Future

Experts say climate change is driving up temperatures and the likelihood of wildfires

Author Kayla Irby , Kevin Uhrich Date 08/01/2013
Janette Williams: 1944-2013

Local journalism community left reeling following death of veteran newswoman

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/24/2013
Lessons to be learned

The headline of a noncontroversial column sparks a surprising racist response

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/24/2013
Motion denied

Deported former gang counselor’s bond request is turned down as his son prepares to ship out to Egypt with the Marines

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/02/2013
A taste of freedom

Former Pasadena gang counselor fights for bond while appealing recent deportation order

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/26/2013