Nikki Bazar

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Snip it or ticket

State now weighing legislation similar to LA’s mandatory pet sterilization law

Author Nikki Bazar Date 02/07/2008
Three faces of art

Weekly writers take on the first international survey of art and feminism

Author Julie Riggott , Nikki Bazar , Tracy Spicer Date 04/05/2007
Morrissey, it was really nothing

His rejection got to me before, but heaven knows I'm less miserable now

Author Nikki Bazar Date 02/01/2007
Conrad’s World

Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad on why his was the only way to go

Author Nikki Bazar Date 11/30/2006
Another time

Forest Lawn’s new photo exhibit highlights the history of LA

Author Nikki Bazar Date 11/23/2006
Chasing the past

As characters discover in Gabrielle Pina's work, if you don't catch up with the past, it'll catch up with you

Author Nikki Bazar Date 11/09/2006
His way

The 'absolutely honest' Charles Bukowski finds a home at The Hunington

Author Nikki Bazar Date 09/14/2006
James Ellroy returns

LA’s long-lost crime novelist comes back to ‘reclaim’ his city

Author Nikki Bazar Date 09/07/2006
‘Amnesty’ is not a dirty word

Altadena author Evelyn Cortez-Davis brings a voice to illegal immigrants

Author Nikki Bazar Date 08/17/2006
The many voices of the San Gabriel Valley

From mystery to history, this fall’s literary events cover a wide terrain

Author Nikki Bazar Date 08/10/2006
An accident waiting to happen

Author Chip Jacobs gets happy results from his family tragedies

Author Nikki Bazar Date 05/18/2006
Life in the real world

Finding sense in the twisted tales of George Saunders

Author Nikki Bazar Date 05/11/2006
What lies beneath

The Natural History Museum’s ‘The Mysterious Bog People’ opens a haunting window to the past

Author Nikki Bazar Date 04/27/2006
‘Radical Craft’

Art Center Design Conference brings distinguished innovators to Pasadena

Author Julie Riggott , Nikki Bazar Date 03/30/2006