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Stories by Noela Hueso

Creative School Lunches

With childhood obesity on the rise, parents can fight back by packing these simple, healthy meals.

Author Noela Hueso Date 09/01/2010
Jack of One Trade

Rocket scientist-turned-restaurateur Jack Huang has built a mini-empire in Pasadena by seasoning his eateries with fun, sophisticated ambience and foreign flavors.

Author Noela Hueso Date 07/01/2010
School's Out for Summer...

And what’s a kid to do? How about study Chinese or act with theater professionals or work on his or her golf swing? Here’s a selective guide to area offerings.

Author Noela Hueso Date 06/01/2010
The Value of Vintage

The Pasadena area’s rich heritage of architecturally significant properties has kept the worst of the current housing slump at bay.

Author Noela Hueso Date 05/01/2010
Pasadena Confidential

Esotouric takes the criminally curious on a mischievous tour of the area’s dark underbelly.

Author Noela Hueso Date 02/01/2010
Dancing With a ­Star

TV’s Christian Perry is teaching stylish waltz – and waist-whittling – moves at Rose City Ballroom, his recently opened studio in Pasadena.

Author Noela Hueso Date 01/01/2010
Author Noela Hueso Date 01/01/2010
Follow the Leader

Mayor Bill Bogaard gets Pasadenans off the couch and on their feet in monthly fitness walks around the Rose Bowl.

Author Noela Hueso Date 01/01/2010