Noela Hueso

Stories by Noela Hueso

The Value of Vintage

The Pasadena area’s rich heritage of architecturally significant properties has kept the worst of the current housing slump at bay.

Author Noela Hueso Date 05/01/2010
Pasadena Confidential

Esotouric takes the criminally curious on a mischievous tour of the area’s dark underbelly.

Author Noela Hueso Date 02/01/2010
Dancing With a ­Star

TV’s Christian Perry is teaching stylish waltz – and waist-whittling – moves at Rose City Ballroom, his recently opened studio in Pasadena.

Author Noela Hueso Date 01/01/2010
Author Noela Hueso Date 01/01/2010
Follow the Leader

Mayor Bill Bogaard gets Pasadenans off the couch and on their feet in monthly fitness walks around the Rose Bowl.

Author Noela Hueso Date 01/01/2010