Peter Dreier

Stories by Peter Dreier

Poverty living at luxury prices

Stimulus funds should not be used to bankroll a private project that has already displaced poor and elderly people while promising poverty-level jobs

Author Peter Dreier Date 11/04/2010
Pass it, then improve it

Progressives take heed: Killing a health care bill that could save thousands is like stealing food from the mouths of hungry children

Author Peter Dreier Date 01/21/2010
Measuring up

Measure TT would repair buildings and restore pride in local schools

Author Audry Durden , Peter Dreier Date 10/30/2008
Taking control

Mobilizing to challenge ARnie’s misguided education cuts

Author Peter Dreier Date 05/29/2008
Paying for success

Pasadena city and school officials need to work together on a ‘youth master plan’

Author Karen Aydelott , Peter Dreier Date 12/06/2007
Separate and unequal

Nowhere in California is the gap between rich and poor greater than in Pasadena

Author Peter Dreier Date 09/13/2007