Tariq Kamal

Stories by Tariq Kamal

A Visual Visionary

Sam Nicholson pushes the boundaries of special effects at Stargate Studios, his global visual effects company in South Pasadena.

Author Tariq Kamal Date 02/06/2015
Mountain Man

Chuck Ballard has spent more than 50 years helping lost and injured hikers as a member of the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team.

Author Tariq Kamal Date 08/01/2014
Pasadena's Unofficial Community Center

Robert Shahnazarian Jr. and his partners have established Noor as Pasadena’s prime destination for multicultural weddings, fundraisers, corporate parties and more.  

Author Tariq Kamal Date 07/01/2014
Better Homes and Gadgets

Home electronics and appliances are becoming increasingly smart, efficient and stylish. Here’s the latest and greatest in home technology. 

Author Tariq Kamal Date 04/30/2014
Eagle Rock Star

Once considered one of L.A.’s hidden treasures, Eagle Rock has gained national recognition for its charming homes, solid schools and small-town sensibilities. 

Author Tariq Kamal Date 02/26/2014
I Need to Get This

Mobile devices offer unlimited opportunities to connect with others, but the temptation to stay in touch may be driving us apart. 

Author Tariq Kamal Date 02/07/2014
No Limits

With the help of family, friends and advanced technology, Tucker Stilley produces fine art despite a life-threatening illness that has left him paralyzed.

Author Tariq Kamal Date 10/17/2013
Schools that Go the Distance

Find out why Caltech joined the online education craze and explore some of the resources available to lifelong learners.

Author Tariq Kamal Date 08/12/2013