26 Nonprofits that should be on your radar

By Carl Kozlowski , Noela Hueso 03/01/2009

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President Obama exhorted us to move from the "Me" Decades into the "We" Decade - a shift that has been long overdue. In these tough times, with many charities grappling with shrinking budgets, the people around us need our help more than ever. It isn't hard to find a place to lend a hand. Look wherever you land: Are you one of Pasadena's many culture aficionados who spend Saturday nights at the Pasadena Playhouse and Sunday afternoons at the Huntington? After the curtains come down and the galleries close, send a donation or volunteer. After all, even if you're short on treasure, there's almost always that other precious commodity - time. Here are some Pasadena-area charities that may be less visible than those cultural landmarks, but they're very much at the heart of what makes this place one of the most philanthropic cities in Southern California.


Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA
361 S. Raymond Ave. | Pasadena 91105 | (626) 792-7151 | www.Phsspca.org
Founded: 1903
WHAT THEY DO: Caring for more than 10,000 animals annually, the PHS & SPCA handles adoptions, animal training and humane education, plus animal control and licensing for Arcadia and La Cañada. It also looks into reports of animal cruelty and neglect.
Annual Budget: $5.6 million
Select Supporters: Nutro Products, Pasadena Animal League, Vroman's Bookstore, Wells Fargo
President and CEO: Steven McNall


California Alliance for Arts Education
495 E. Colorado Blvd. | Pasadena 91101 | (626) 578-9315 |
Founded: 1973
What They Do: This group of arts organizations, schools, businesses and individuals promotes and supports visual and performing arts education throughout the state for preschool through post-secondary students.
Annual Budget: $900,000
Select Supporters: California Arts Council, Dom and Carol DeLuise, the James Irvine Foundation, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Union Bank of California
Executive Director: Laurie Schell

Pasadena Arts Council

65 S. Grand Ave. | Pasadena 91105 | (626) 793-8171 |
Founded: 1964
What They Do: The council advocates for the arts in Pasadena, serving as a bridge between the city and local cultural institutions and offering financial support to artists and programming. PAC community programs include a curriculum called Next Step, used to teach high schoolers about the entertainment business.
Annual Budget: $250,000
Select Supporters: Mayor Bill and Claire Bogaard, Sheldon Epps, Harvey and Ellen Knell
Executive Director: Terry LeMoncheck

The Friends of the Levitt Pavilion, Pasadena
30 N. Raymond Avenue, Ste. | 212  Pasadena 91103 | (626) 683-3230

What they do:  The Friends produce 50 FREE, professional concerts during the summer season, late June through Labor Day, under the stars, in Old Pasadena's Memorial Park.  The Friends was founded to enrich family values, encourage community spirit, promote respect for diversity and enhance appreciation for the performing arts by providing free public access to outstanding music performances.
Annual Budget:  $450,000
Select Supporters:  Mortimer Levitt Foundation,  The National Endowment for the Arts, California Community Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, City of Pasadena, Los Angeles County Arts.
Executive Director:  CJ Whitcomb, Esq.        


Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena
3230 E. Del Mar Blvd. | Pasadena 91107 | (626) 449-9100 | www.Bgcpasadena.org
Founded: 1937
What They Do: The Boys & Girls Club's five Pasadena locations provide after-school and summer learning environments for children and teens, embracing sports, the arts and technology.
Annual Budget: $1.8 million
Select Supporters: Bank of America, Capital Group Companies,
Kaiser Permanente
President and CEO: Hilary Crahan

Door of Hope
669 N. Los Robles Ave. | Pasadena 91101 | (626) 304-9130 |
Founded: 1985
What They Do: Door of Hope provides transitional housing for
homeless families.
Annual Budget: $645,000
Select Supporters: Avery Dennison Corp., Bank of the West,
Lake Avenue Church, Pasadena Community Foundation
Executive Director: Tim Peters

Elizabeth House
(626) 577-4434 | www.Elizabethhouse.net
Founded: 1994
What They Do: Elizabeth House is a haven for homeless pregnant women, offering temporary shelter and help in meeting the future challenges of supporting a family.
Annual budget: $365,000
Select supporters: Pasadena-Foothills Association of Realtors Foundation,
In-N-Out Burger Foundation, La Cañada Junior Women's Club, Pasadena Rotary Club Women's Club, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Pasadena Rotary Club
Executive Director: Debbie Unruh

Five Acres
760 W. Mountain View St. | Altadena 91001 | (626) 798-6793 |
Founded: 1888
What They Do: With both community-based and residential programs, child abuse-prevention agency Five Acres specializes in mental health services
(in homes and schools), foster care, adoptions and domestic violence-
prevention education.
Annual budget: $25 million
Select supporters: Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, Pasadena Unified School District Special Education, United Way
Executive Director: Robert A. Ketch

Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services
210 S. DeLacey Ave., Suite 110 | Pasadena 91105 | (626) 395-7100 |
Founded: 1919
What They Do: With 12 locations in Los Angeles County, Hathaway-Sycamores is one of the largest children's mental health and welfare nonprofits in Los Angeles County, facilitating foster care, adoption, mental health and other services.
Annual budget: $45 million
Select supporters: The Eisner Foundation, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Rose Hills Foundation
President and CEO: William P. Martone

Kidspace Children's Museum
480 N. Arroyo Blvd. | Brookside Park | Pasadena 91103 | (626) 449-9144 |
Founded: 1979
What They Do: Working in a real garden (and tasting the fruits of their labor) and adopting caterpillars are just some of the many interactive activities in the arts, sciences and humanities for children ages 1 through 10 at Kidspace. The museum also features rotating programs and activities throughout the year.
Annual budget: $2.6 million
Select supporters: The Ahmanson Foundation, Walt Disney Co., Ernst & Young, Nestle USA
Executive Director: Tracy Bechtold

Mothers' Club Family Learning Center
980 N. Fair Oaks Ave. | Pasadena 91103 | (626) 792-2687 |
Founded: 1961
What They Do: Mothers' Club offers education programs and social services to underprivileged families when their children are most impressionable - between birth and 5 years of age.
Annual budget: $1 million
Select supporters: Avery Dennison Corporation, the Eisner Foundation, Northrup Grumman, Target
Executive Director: Susan Kujawa

Rosemary Children's Services
36 S. Kinneola Ave., Suite 200 | Pasadena 91107 | (626) 844-3033 |
Founded: 1920
What They Do: Rosemary Children's Services helps young people who have suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment. Services include a residential program for teen girls, a foster care program, specialized education and a mental health program.
Annual budget: $8.2 million
Select supporters: Ahmanson Foundation, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Patron Saints Foundation, Rose Hills Foundation
Executive Director: Greg Wessels

Pasadena Educational Foundation
351 S. Hudson Ave., Room 219 | Pasadena 91109 |
(626) 396-3600, ext. 88350 | www.Pasadfoundation.org
Founded: 1971
What They Do: PEF was founded to increase community and financial
support for public schools in Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre. It does that by sponsoring community forums, citywide softball tournaments and other programs.
Annual budget: $1.6 million
Select supporters: Ralph M. Parsons Corporation, Tom Sawyer Camps, Vroman's Bookstore
Executive Director: Joan H. Fauvre


Pasadena Beautiful Foundation
140 S. Lake Ave., Suite 268 | Pasadena 91101 | (626) 795-9704 |
Founded: 1960
What They Do: The organization promotes Pasadena's beautification by helping people find certified arborists, partnering with community and governmental organizations in an annual clean-up project, recognizing efforts by residents, businesses and institutions to spruce up their own sites, working with the city to replace missing trees and plant new ones and operating a plant bank.
Annual Budget: N/A
Select Supporters: N/A
President: Bette Cooper


AIDS Service Center
909 S. Fair Oaks Ave. | Pasadena 91105 | (626) 441-8595 |
Founded: 1987
What They Do: AIDS Service Center offers benefits assessments, counseling, education and assistance with home health care, housing, transportation and mental health services.
Annual Budget: $4 million
Select Supporters: S. Mark Taper Foundation, Macy's, Toyota, MAC AIDS Fund, Pasadena-Foothills Association of Realtors
Executive Director: Yvonne C. Benson

Community Health Alliance of Pasadena
1855 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 200 | Pasadena 91103 |
(626) 398-6300 | www.Chapcare.org
Founded: 1995
What They Do: CHAP is a nonprofit medical and dental health clinic serving the Foothill communities.
Annual Budget: Nearly $4 million
Select Supporters: City of Pasadena, Pasadena Community Foundation, Blue Shield of California Foundation, Southern California Edison
President: John J. Kennedy

Day One
175 N. Euclid Ave. | Pasadena 91101 | (626) 229-9750 |
Founded: 1989
What They Do: Day One provides substance-abuse-prevention services
for the cities of Pasadena, Altadena, Sierra Madre and the Greater San Gabriel Valley.
Annual Budget: $361,000
Select Supporters: Drug Free Communities Support Program, the Flintridge Foundation, Alcohol & Drug Prevention Association
Executive Director: Christy Zamani

Ronald McDonald House
Charities of Southern California
763 S. Pasadena Ave. | Pasadena 91105 | (626) 585-1588 |
Founded: 2004
What They Do: Ronald McDonald House provides a place to stay and emotional support to families with children receiving long-term care at Huntington Hospital.
Annual Budget: $530,590
Select Supporters: McDonald's Owner-Operators of Southern California, Rusnak Automotive, Coldwell Banker, Hale Builders & Developers, Sherry Klein, South Pasadena Rotary Foundation, the Pernecky family
President: Charlotte Harrison

Young & Healthy
37 N. Holliston Ave. | Pasadena 91106 | (626) 795-5166 |
Founded: 1990
What They Do: Young & Healthy's volunteers provide free medical, dental, psychological and case-management services to low-income children with inadequate or no insurance in Pasadena, Altadena, San Marino and
South Pasadena.
Annual Budget: $980,000
Select Supporters: N/A
Executive Director: Mary Donnelly-Crocker


Lake Avenue Community Foundation
712 E. Villa St. | Pasadena 91101 | (626) 449-4960 |
Founded: 2001
What They Do: LACF helps 170 disadvantaged youth in Northwest Pasadena with mentoring, summer-camp and after-school programs. It also partners with local churches and other organizations to provide housing and other resources to low-income residents.
Annual Budget: $1.3 million
Select Supporters: Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation, NW ECHO Program, Holmes Body Shop, La Cañada Presbyterian Church, Trader Joe's
Chair: Bruce Stone

Pasadena Community Foundation
260 S. Los Robles Ave. | Pasadena 91101 | (626) 796-2097 |
Founded: 1953
What They Do: The Pasadena Community Foundation works with individuals and organizations to establish philanthropic funds and provides financial support to local nonprofits. PCF currently manages more than 200 funds.
annual budget: $450,000 (operating), $800,000 (grants)
Select Supporters: Kiwanis Club of South Pasadena, Clifford Swan Investments Counsel, Gonzalez Goodale Architects, Lucas Horsfall Murphy
& Pindroh
Executive Director: Jennifer Fleming Devoll

Pasadena Forward
1015 N. Lake Ave. | Pasadena 91104 | (626) 797-7238 |
Founded: 2004
What They Do: Pasadena Forward helps other local nonprofits expand their programs and client base by providing organizational and back-office assistance. The Pasadena Marathon is its major fundraiser.
Annual Budget: $600,000
Select Supporters: Kaiser Permanente
Executive Director: Israel Estrada

San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity
770 N. Fair Oaks Ave. | Pasadena 91103 | (626) 792-3838 |
Founded: 1990
What They Do: The organization builds and renovates housing for low-income residents of 31 communities. Its efforts are partly funded by proceeds from its two Re-Stores - building-supply stores behind the Pasadena HQ and at 410 S. Irwindale Ave. in Azusa.
Annual Budget: Nearly $2 million
Select Supporters: Walt Disney Co., Bank of America, Union Bank of California, Weingart Foundation, Ahmanson Foundation, Annenberg Foundation
Executive Director: Sonja Yates


Friends of the Gamble House
4 Westmoreland Pl. | Pasadena 91103 | (626) 793-3334 | www.Gamblehouse.org
Founded: 1972
What They Do: This University of Southern California support group helps fund the preservation and operation of the 1908 Gamble House, Pasadena's iconic example of American Arts and Crafts style architecture designed by Charles and Henry Greene. The Friends also sponsor two annual scholar-in-residence fellowships for upper-division students of USC's School of Architecture.
Annual Budget: $750,000
Select Supporters: Gamble family, Avery Dennison
president: LuAnn Haslam

The Friends of the Castle Green
99 S. Raymond Ave. | Pasadena 91105 | (626) 577-6765 |
Founded: 1995.
What They Do: The group hosts two tours of Castle Green each year - during the first Sundays in June and December - to help fund its preservation efforts. The Friends also accept donations for specific restoration projects, such as the current plan to create replica roof tiles for the east-facing veranda.
Annual Budget: Averages $20,000 to $25,000
Select Supporters: Raises money mainly through the tours
Executive Director: Jim Marrin

Pasadena Heritage
651 S. St. John Ave. | Pasadena 91105 | (626) 441-6333 | www.Pasadenaheritage.org
Founded: 1977
What They Do: One of the city's largest membership organizations, with more than 2,000 supporters, Pasadena Heritage sponsors tours, lectures and celebrations focused on the city's historic architectural and cultural treasures. It also documents and advocates for the preservation of important historic sites and oversees an oral history project recalling Pasadena's past through the eyes of its residents. The 2009 Spring Home Tour exploring the California style of Reginald Johnson, Gordon Kaufmann and Roland Coate takes place on March 29.
Annual Budget: $500,000
Select Supporters: Lucille W. Holling, Capital Group Companies
Executive Director: Susan Mossman

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