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Ellen Rules!


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Pasadena Weekly columnist Ellen Snortland has been named one of the Women of the Year in the 29th Congressional District. 

Snortland said she received a call Monday from Democratic US Rep. Adam Schiff of Pasadena informing her of the distinction, which each year is bestowed upon a dozen women from the district.


“I don’t know anything about it except Schiff called me to say I am one of the winners,” Snortland told the Weekly. “I wish I got a tiara with it, but I guess that is not quite Democratic. There is going to be a luncheon on April 13. That is all I know.”


In her column “Consider This,” Ellen delivers sometimes biting social commentary, primarily on issues impacting women. She’s often been described as California’s answer to Texas journalist Molly Ivins, with her own unique brand of humor, experiences and abiding commitment to social change. 


Over the past two decades, Snortland has had commentaries published in the LA Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Providence Journal-Bulletin, the Charlotte Observer, Arizona Tribune Newspapers, the Houston Post, the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Rapid City Journal.


Snortland is also the author of “Beauty Bites Beast: Awakening the Warrior within Women and Girls.” She is currently appearing in her one-woman show, “Now That She’s Gone” and teaches a writing workshop in Altadena.


Carolyn Ingram Seitz from Altadena will also be honored. Other recipients include, Joanna Vargas from Alhambra, Nancy Guillen of Burbank, Debra Suh of Glendale, Diane Gin of Monterey Park, Denise Houlemard Jones of Pasadena, Eleanor K. Andrews of San Gabriel, Kay Mouradian and Gretchen Robinette of South Pasadena and Eva Arrighi of Temple City.


“Recipients of the Woman of the Year award come from all walks of life and represent the thousands of women who make a positive impact in our region,” Rep. Schiff said.

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