Regardless of the fact that Zimmerman was trolling for a neighborhood-watch adventure so he could live-round "target practice" and he found it in the person of Trayvon, why does the corporate news media keep commonly advertising this tragedy with a picture of Trayvon when he was only 13 years old? At age 17, Trayvon was over six feet tall and 160 pounds.

In any event, it's quite obvious that Zimmerman was not just "standing-his-ground," while responding to Trayvon's retreat, instead of staying where he was at, he aggressively pursued his perp (that "suspicious" dark-skinned target) so he could oppress him. The fact that Zimmerman had armed himself with a 9mm while ostensibly performing what should be passive Neighborhood Watch duties strongly suggests that he was advocating for a confrontation.

Now, Florida's community of police-state advocates really don't like this "Stand-Your-Ground" law too much, mostly because it may incite some cop-assaulted citizen to attempt standing his/her own ground against some sexually deviated gangbanger of law enforcement.

So, what's the best way to "popularly" get this law repealed? Why, the cop-class just guilelessly allows it to unjustifiably be abused by some bone-headed knuckle-dragger, of course! Then the Florida legislature get compelled to "undo" what many see as a quite effective strategy of crime-reduction.

Paramilitary law-enforcement organizations best enjoy subservient salary sources that have lost all spirit for aggressive self-protection. On the other hand, an armed population owning the right to stand its ground is a much poorer target for most any state activities of punitive-tax revenue enhancement.


posted by DanD on 4/02/12 @ 07:21 a.m.


posted by Sallyg1801 on 4/10/12 @ 11:23 a.m.
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