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‘Outrage and heartbreak’
As I read this story and Carla’s personal account last week, and look at the photos of my sister sitting there handcuffed and broken, I’m sickened and saddened all over again (“One day on the Gold Line,” Aug. 30). 
I spent the days right after this horrific experience with her, and having seen her bruised and battered face up close, I still can’t look at these photos without getting tears in my eyes, being reminded of the sense of outrage and heartbreak that I felt then.  
I’m so proud of my sister for going public with her traumatic story and grateful to the PW for publishing it. 
Re: “That lyin’ Paul Ryan,” Sept. 6
After all the lies he’s told to date, why would anyone believe ANYTHING Ryan says? It seems he has some kind of sick compulsion to lie, even when it serves no real purpose (even a dishonest purpose), and the lie can easily be found out.
No, he didn’t run a marathon in under three hours.  Now he’s been forced to admit his claim to have done that was a lie.
He lied about the GM plant in Janesville, Wis., that was closed while George Bush was still president in December 2008; in his speech at the Republican National Convention, Ryan falsely blamed the closure on President Obama. Now he is wriggling, trying to claim he didn’t say it (yet another lie).
There’s a reason why Paul Ryan is known as Lyin’ Ryan. And no, I do NOT believe Lyin’ Ryan climbed “close to 40” of the 54 “fourteener” peaks (14,000 feet or so) in Colorado.
This man does not have the character to be a “heartbeat away” from becoming the President of the United States.
~ MIKE1776

Re: “One day on the Gold Line,” Aug.  30
I’m calling BS on this one. No cop is going to do this in public view in a place where surveillance cameras are EVERYWHERE. I don’t buy that the author was courteous and polite as she represents, and that some female cop started bashing her head in for no reason. A simple Google search turns up that there are two sides to this story. I’m an attorney who has seen both sides of this issue, but this one just doesn’t pass the smell test. At best, the author has omitted a few key details. It frightens me to see how uncritical other readers are.  
~ BWLD83

BWLD83: So you call BS ... and that is because of what affirmative evidence you’ve collected? Oh, but you haven’t collected any, you just got a feeling. Well, pull your hands out of your pants and quit feeling yourself. The woman is brave and the sewer-scum that abused her deserves to be similarly abused, because now every sociopathic badge-dangler with a Hannibal Lector attitude will be searching to teach that bitch a lesson for tastelessly telling the truth. So tell us also 83rd shill, how much is the police union paying you to write your drivel? Anyway, while I can think of nothing more gutless than an anonymous “lawyer,” I seriously doubt what you claim to be.  

Police state Amerika. If the author omitted a few key details as alleged by BWLD83, then why did the county settle for $199,000? 

This story is absolutely appalling! The Sheriff’s Department should be ashamed of itself. Instead of trying to cover for bad officers, they should run them out.  BWLD83’s idiotic attitude that everyone who gets assaulted by sheriff/police deserves it is a big part of the reason why these thugs get away with violating people! If you don’t have the maturity, self restraint or honor to deal with people respectfully, you should not be a “peace officer.” These fools cost us, the taxpayers, money too! Any officer who would assault someone — a woman no less — over not having or being able to find their train ticket is pathological and a disgrace to our city, our county and to humanity. Thanks for speaking up and raising awareness Carla!  

Express a contrary viewpoint and all of a sudden it’s Amerika. Sad to see some of the invective that flows forth for expressing a contrary view. Look, I’m not saying LASD was in the right. I’m just saying that it didn’t go down the way the author has presented. That’s all. Even crooked cops don’t behave like this. Besides, given the punitive damages alone, wouldn’t you expect a much higher settlement figure (assuming she hired a competent attorney who pulled the videotape)?  
~ BWLD83

BWLD83: I’m a longtime friend (20+ years) of Carla’s. Carla doesn’t make up or exaggerate stories. And she’s most definitely not the type to get aggressive or abusive with an LA sheriff’s deputy! Of course someone reading a story like this and not knowing the people involved is going to have questions, and there’s nothing wrong with you raising them. But you also make statements that imply you have additional knowledge about what happened (“A simple Google search turns up that there are two sides to this story. I’m an attorney who has seen both sides of this issue ...”). Is that really the case?  

Re: “Fare game,” Sept. 6
Last week’s story haunted me all week. Thanks, Kevin, for this follow-up. There is so much more that needs to be said.  

I agree with comment above. Story haunted me/bugged me/infuriated me all week. I felt Kevin’s story was necessary, as I was looking for a commentary this week. Bravo Pasadena Weekly for taking this on.  

Re: Saving Altadena,” Sept. 6
The Altadena anti-Wal-Mart cause may be just, but they employ dishonest tactics. The folk song video was beautiful but leaves the uninformed with the impression that a supercenter will be going in. It’s hard to see how a couple 15,000-square-foot grocery stores will be a threat to coffee and tobacco shops, hardware and liquor stores. Keep it real, Steve, if you want respect. 

The two proposed Wal-Mart neighborhood stores will be just under 30,000 square feet, not 15,000. They will carry 60 percent groceries and 40 percent “other,” including a pharmacy, pet food and care, stationery, greeting cards and school and office supplies.  All of these categories compete with nearby businesses. 

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As it is, the kind of low-rent trash that PDs such as what Pasadena and the CofLA have are hiring rather incompetent jackboots as described by Carla ~




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