Bad news

Bad news

Reporters to head downtown as LA Times closes offices of Glendale News-Press and La Cañada Valley Sun

By André Coleman 10/25/2012

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Although some clerical staff members were laid off, all reporters and editors at the Pasadena Sun and the La Cañada Valley Sun, as well as the Glendale News-Press and the Burbank Leader  will be moved from their respective offices to the LA Times building in downtown Los Angeles at the beginning of the year. 
In addition, the two offices — the Leader operates out of the News-Press office on Brand Boulevard and the two Suns operate out of the same office in La Cañada Flintridge — will close, according to a number of unnamed sources.
Along with these changes, other newspapers owned by the Times and operated by its Times Community News (TCN) division, will lose publications days. 
TCN Editor Dan Evans told the Pasadena Weekly Tuesday there would be no changes to the Pasadena Sun’s print edition. 
“We will be placing more emphasis on the digital aspect,” Evans said. Evans declined to speak about the move or how that would affect employees. “We’re going to be launching an app for [the News-Press] around Nov. 1 that will allow people to get the paper wherever they want. We are looking into that for other papers as well.” The application will be available for Android and Apple applications. 
Other papers, however, were not so lucky.
The Costa Mesa Pilot, another TCN product which covers Costa Mesa as well as Newport Beach and Irvine, and the News-Press, Glendale’s newspaper of record, will no longer be published on Tuesdays, sources said, reducing the publishing schedules of those two papers to five days a week. Monday editions of the papers were scrapped last year.  
The La Cañada Valley Sun will stop publishing on Sunday and the Burbank Leader will return to a Wednesday and Saturday print schedule.
The changes were announced Friday on the heels of rumors that media magnate Rupert Murdoch was considering buying the Times.
The Pasadena Weekly was owned briefly by the Times before that paper was bought by the Tribune Co. in 1999. In 2007, real estate mogul Sam Zell acquired Tribune Co. through a leveraged buyout that left the company with $13 billion in debt. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2008.
Since 2007, newspaper advertising revenue has plummeted by 50 percent, to $24 billion annually, according to the Newspaper Association of America. 


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Deep down in their hearts, people know when they're being fed a horse-apple pie, and the print edition of America's propaganda corporate "news" is readily recognized for what it is, rich people instructing poor people how they are obligated to keep making rich people richer.

The devil may be giving discounts, but once you've sold your soul, you're gone.


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