Last-minute rush

Last-minute rush

Four Latino candidates qualify to run in newly redistricted Board of Education elections 

By André Coleman 12/12/2012

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In the Pasadena Unified School District, where nearly 60 percent of the students are Latino and candidates for the Board of Education formerly ran for office in at-large elections, it appeared no Latino candidates would run for office in the PUSD’s seven recently created electoral districts.

But, as of Friday, that changed, with four candidates stepping up to challenge incumbents currently occupying those board seats, according to Pasadena City Clerk Mark Jomsky.

In the race for District 1, incumbent Board member Kim Kenne will face Hermond Cooper.

In the race for District 3, Guillermo Arce, a Los Angeles County human services administrator, faces Tyrone Hampton, Jr., Ruben Hueso and foster parent Deirdra Duncan, who is currently suing the county and Sheriff Lee Baca after being repeatedly locked out of her home, despite having filed the necessary bankruptcy paperwork to stay her eviction.

In District 5, Pasadena Youth Center Executive Director Stella Murga will be squaring off against incumbent Board member Elizabeth Pomeroy.

And in the race for District 7, Luis Carlos Ayala will be competing against incumbent Board member Scott Phelps.

In previous elections, board candidates ran in district-wide, at-large elections. Last year, in an effort to avoid possible lawsuits for violating the state Voting Rights Act, a special task force divided the PUSD into seven separate districts. 


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