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Shelter from the sun  
Great article! (“Fire in the Sky,” Nov. 22) 
The line that hit the most: “No action has been taken to lessen the danger.”
What was missing from the article was the role the North American Electric Reliability Corp., NERC, has played throughout this process. The association of the private electrical companies, i.e. Edison International, has for years been blocking federal action to protect the grid. 
The SHIELD Act, as mentioned in the article, passed the US House of Representatives unanimously (a very rare feat) and now has been blocked in the US Senate for several years due to NERC opposition. 
NERC is opposed to federal action because it does not want the president to be in control of the grid’s security. Please read the legislation yourself, HR 668. Nationally, most of our electrical grid is in corporate hands and is not even American owned. For me, this is about our sovereignty too. 
Why are the power companies opposing federal action? There is a remote possibility that they want a national meltdown of the grid (watch NBC’s “Revolution’s” EMP event).  Retired Major Ed Dames, in his movie, “The Killshot,” explains the upcoming solar storms and what our government knows. I assure you, they are very prepared. Are you?
It is time we make preparations for an EMP event. The best first step is to imagine weeks, months or years without electricity. What would that mean for you and your family? Nutritious foods, water, shelter, etc. Several of us recently started a Facebook page called the SHIELD Act Alliance. We have links to additional information to assist you in getting prepared.

Right off the cliff
Republicans didn’t lose the election because Mitt Romney “isn’t a genuine conservative.”  They lost because the majority of Americans now flatly reject conservative “ideals.”
Republicans didn’t lose because Obama ran a negative campaign. It’s not negative to point out both the lies and weaknesses of your opponent.
Republicans didn’t lose because of any vote-counting shenanigans, voter suppression and/or voter fraud. They are guilty of that and, quite frankly, the president’s margin of victory would have been far greater had it not been for the efforts of Republican governors and secretaries of state to deliberately exclude traditionally Democratic voters. 
Incidentally, Obama did not lose the popular vote, either, nor was it even close. He won by more than 3 million votes in the popular vote. 
In any case, Al Gore could tell you that it’s entirely possible to win the popular vote and still lose the election (or have it handed to you by activist judges who tell a state to ignore its own election laws). And in the electoral vote tally, Obama’s victory was nothing less than a landslide.
Republicans also didn’t lose because Obama voters are “lazy and looking for handouts” or “racist.” The biggest handouts go to the ultra-wealthy, who don’t want to contribute their fair share to the society that made their great wealth possible. The truly racist are those whose candidates’ total vote count was made up of 88 percent white votes. Maybe conservatives should try not being misogynistic, homophobic race-baiters. It shows, and voters don’t like it. 
The plain fact of the matter is that the ugly face and intellectual and moral bankruptcy of conservatism showed itself in this election cycle, and the majority of Americans chose to stand against it.
Republicans can choose to blame others for this and learn nothing. Or they can accept that they need to change how they view and approach the world, and adjust their actions accordingly.
But since the very definition of conservatism indicates a resistance to change, I won’t hold my breath.  That’s fine, though. It just ensures that they will continue to lose election after election.

Re: “Pro-NFL inclinations,” Nov. 29
I definitely vote to recall Steve Madison! He has let down District 6 so many times — the closing of the fire station, the 710, and now the Rose Bowl/NFL. I am curious as to how most every government job runs so far overtime and tremendously over budget. Do they always take the lowest bid, and does that ever work out? Who manages this project that is so ineptly handled? Really, who is minding the store here? So many private projects rarely have this many problems, mostly because, otherwise, who would pay for it? These “officials” are playing with our money and our lives. We had a chance to vote him out, and now we must work to get rid of him. Wake up people!    


Re: “Saving Altadena,” Sept. 13
I’m wondering if those opposed to the building of a Wal-Mart are opposing it because they have no need for a discount store to shop in. But what about all those residents on a budget that could definitely use the benefit of lower prices to be able to have their dollars stretch further for their families? There are areas of low income in Altadena and Pasadena where this project is probably targeted for. Just look at how well the 99-cent and dollar stores do. Some residents should take a step back and look at the possible benefits and not be so hung up with the Wal-Mart name.


Have something on your mind that you’d like to share with the rest of the community? You’re in the right place: Our Letters to the Editor page, one of the most widely read sections of the paper. 
One reason for the page’s popularity is one never knows who might write in; the mayor, a council person, the school superintendent, the chief of police. 
Another reason why people like our letters is because we let them run as is, with little editing except for grammar, length and libel. Not every newspaper or even news Web site can make that claim. 
And finally, and probably most importantly, our letter writers have the last word. Unless it’s to make a correction or an apology or some totally necessary thing, we do not respond to your criticisms of us.
So go ahead and sound off.
Send your letters to kevinu@pasadenaweekly.com. Just remember, it usually takes two to three weeks for a letter to appear in print.
To all those who have contributed letters over the years, and added valuable information to the ongoing community dialogue, thank you so much. And thanks for picking up the Weekly, the Pasadena paper people have to read.

~ Kevin Uhrich 

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