Rose Bowl rumble

Rose Bowl rumble

Madison has yet to respond to recall notice served at City Hall

By André Coleman 01/16/2013

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An organized effort to recall District 6 Pasadena City Councilman Steve Madison after his vote cleared the way for the city to enter into negotiations to temporarily bring an NFL team to the Rose Bowl has officially begun.

Madison, according to City Clerk Mark Jomsky, was served Jan. 7 at City Hall with a copy of a notice of intent to circulate a recall petition.

A few days later, Jomsky said he received the official document, which included proof of service and 33 signatures. According to the City Charter, 25 signatures — the same number a candidate is required to gather to qualify for an election — are required to start a recall campaign.

Once the signatures are verified, Jomsky’s office will validate the format of the petition, before it can be taken into the area. Recall proponents will have 120 days from the time Madison was served to collect 2,800 valid signatures — 20 percent of registered voters in the district — to get the recall question on the ballot.

Madison, who did not return phone calls, now has 10 days to file a response to the intent to recall, which will be included in the petition being circulated in his district.

Mike Vogler, who is leading the recall effort, also did not return calls, but posted a statement on the Web site

“Steve Madison sold out the people that he was elected to represent by voting for a plan which will allow the NFL to play at the Rose Bowl while massively increasing the number of large events at the Rose Bowl, endangering the quality of life for thousands of West Pasadena residents,” Vogler writes. “Steve Madison is willing to sell our weekends and precious family time to the highest bidder.”

Recall organizers are attempting to recall Madison due to a Nov. 19 council vote which certified an environmental impact report and amended the City Charter to allow 25 major events — up from 12 — in the stadium over five years. The 7-1 vote, opposed only by Councilman Terry Tornek, clears the way for the city to negotiate with an NFL team to temporarily play in the Rose Bowl while a permanent stadium is being built either in Los Angeles or City of Industry.

So far, no NFL owners have stated plans to move a team to Los Angeles. Team owners have four weeks left to notify NFL owner Roger Goodell of plans to move.

Some of Madison’s constituents claim that unruly fans and increased pollution, noise and traffic will disrupt their quality of life. The Coalition for the Preservation of the Arroyo (CPA) filed a lawsuit on Jan. 3 to invalidate the EIR, which claims the city violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) by failing to adopt enforceable, performance-based ways to mitigate those negative impacts.

“We are checking the signatures of the registered voters on the petition,” Jomsky told the Weekly Monday. “That is the next step before anything else can happen.”  


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See you later Steve. . . . .

posted by Paul G on 1/17/13 @ 10:44 a.m.

I bet a cup of coffee that they cannot gather 2,800 valid signatures.

posted by Vivavilla on 1/19/13 @ 07:25 p.m.
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