Dead or alive?

Dead or alive?

Authorities hold off on formal ID of alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner  

By André Coleman 02/13/2013

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Following a televised shootout with authorities Tuesday afternoon, police were still not certain Wednesday whether the charred remains of a man found inside a burned out cabin near Big Bear were those of Christopher Dorner, the disgruntled former LAPD officer who officials say went on a killing spree that claimed the lives of four people.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that a California driver’s license found with the body belonged to Dorner, 33, but San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department officials, the agency leading the investigation, would not confirm whether it was him. The identity of the body can only be confirmed through dental records and DNA testing.

For that reason, LAPD officials announced plans to continue providing protection for officers named in a so-called manifesto of grievances that Dorner released to the press last week. That protection extends to the family members of those named, including the Rev. Mike Evans of Holy Angeles Catholic Church in Arcadia, brother of LAPD Sgt. Teresa Evans, who is prominently mentioned in Dorner’s screed.

Dorner claimed Teresa Evans kicked a suspect in the head during a 2007 incident during which she was his training officer. Dorner complained, but the claim was determined to be unfounded, and Dorner was fired for lying to investigators. 

As of Wednesday morning, Holy Angels Elementary School was closed, but officials at the school hoped to reopen it sometime later this week, according to a statement issued by the church.

On Tuesday afternoon, news broke that Dorner had been spotted in the Big Bear area. Officials say he exchanged gunfire with law enforcement officials, shooting two San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies, killing one of them. 

On Feb. 3, Dorner allegedly shot and killed Monica Quan, 28, the daughter of a retired LAPD captain who defended Dorner at his disciplinary hearing, and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, 27.

On Feb. 7, Daorner allegedly exchanged shots with two officers on patrol, grazing one in the head. He later allegedly ambushed two Riverside police officers, killing Officer Michael Crain, 34, a veteran of the Iraq War, and wounding the other officer, a trainee. Crain’s funeral was held Wednesday in Riverside.  



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