Timeless advice

Timeless advice

Annual Conference on Aging offers ways to deal with an array of life issues

By Carl Kozlowski 04/04/2013

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Pasadena seniors will have an opportunity to acquire free advice and resources covering a multitude of life issues on Friday when the Pasadena Senior Center hosts the 2013 Conference on Aging at Pasadena’s First Church of the Nazarene.

The numerous workshops touch on such topics as maintaining a healthy body and brain, avoiding financial and romantic scams, finding the work you want after age 50, being prepared for disasters, Social Security and health care reform, finding romance after 50 and free wellness screenings.

In addition, “We’ll discuss the importance of staying hydrated, annual checkups, keeping meaningful relationships and having community as a senior,” said conference keynote speaker Dr. Eric Walsh, director of the Pasadena Health Department.

“As a senior, there’s a lot you can contribute to society, and that affirmation that you can be contributing to society helps to drive better health. It provides resilience if you know you’re necessary, needed and valuable to us and others,” Walsh said.

Walsh noted that another key aspect to keeping seniors involved in society lies in showing elders respect. He said that this is often forgotten in the United States and other Western societies in which we view young and attractive people as “the be-all, end-all.”

“In most societies, the elder is the repository of special wisdom,” said Walsh, who will also teach seniors their rights under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. “Inherently, there’s a value to those who have lived more years, because they’ve seen more and their long-term memories last a lot more than their short term memories. They’re more able to remember the Great Depression than what happened six weeks ago or where they put their teeth. The reason is they were designed to be repositories of information long before the History and Discovery channels, designed to give information no one else has,” Walsh continued. 

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