Seizing the Crown

Seizing the Crown

Naughty pirate susAnn Edmonds claims the title of Doo Dah Queen

By Carl Kozlowski 04/11/2013

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Seizing the crown
Naughty pirate susAnn Edmonds claims the title of Doo Dah Queen
BY Carl Kozlowski
This has already been a momentous year in rituals around the world, with the funerals of Roger Ebert in Chicago, Margaret Thatcher in London, and the succession of papal power from Pope Benedict to Pope Francis.   
Yet, last Sunday, perhaps the most important ritual of all occurred for Pasadenans when the latest queen was selected to head the 36th  Occasional Doo Dah Parade on April 27.  
The winner, Altadena’s Susann Edmonds, handily beat a field of 19 candidates — the largest in Doo Dah history — to claim the honor. To do so, she regaled a packed house of about 250 enthusiastic audience members at the American Legion 280 Lodge in east Pasadena by appearing as a scantily clad pirate with a guitar-playing slave and two colorful chefs in tow, in addition to offering 70 sampler bottles of a home-brewed elixir to the panel of local celebrity judges.
“I decided to do that because I actually am the owner of small business, Jabberwocky Foods, which has a couple of new products, including Charlotte de berry’s Cocktail Mixer,” said Edmonds. “It’s an old maritime recipe from the 15th century that keeps you hydrated, and let’s face it, the Doo Dah community drinks a lot, and I don’t want them having hangovers anymore.”
Once she hit the stage and made sure the judges’ appetites were whetted, Edmonds sang a rendition of the Beatles’ song “Honey Pie,” which she had reworded to fit the occasion. The raucous response from the crowd was aided by the fact that she had more than 50 friends in attendance.
“Some of those people knew me from 2001, when I was also known as the Llama Lady of Altadena, because I had a fight with the county for 22 months over my right to own a llama on my land,” said Edmonds. “I’m really glad, and I’m glad to be part of the community and part of the [parade-producing]Light Bringer Project, because they give me a chance to do charity , which is always a good thing.”
The Doo Dah Parade will begin at the corner of Sierra Madre and Colorado boulevards at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 27. For more information, visit


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