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Ag-gag and press freedom
“Despicable, unconstitutional, ridiculous, immature, idiotic and mendacious.” And that’s just how Tennessee newspapers characterized the state’s “ag-gag” bill now awaiting the governor’s signature.

“Ag-gag” bills criminalize whistle-blowing that exposes animal abuses, unsafe working conditions and environmental problems on factory farms.

Instead of encouraging whistle-blowing and preventing these violations, ag-gag laws ensure that consumers and regulatory authorities are kept in the dark.

Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and Utah have enacted ag-gag laws, but such bills were defeated in eight other states, thanks to a strong outcry from the public and newspaper editors.

In 2013, new ag-gag bills were introduced in Arkansas, California, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont and Wyoming. The language has been invariably drafted by the infamous anti-consumer American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Thirty newspapers and 60 national animal protection, workers’ rights, civil liberties, public health, food safety and environmental conservation organizations have recently gone on record as strongly opposing ag-gag bills.

Our government must never restrict our right and obligation to know where our food comes from. For a recent update on the status of ag-gag bills, visit mfablog.org/2013/04/state-of-the-ag-gag-2013.html

Another Pasadena Way
Thank you, Mr. Bowles (“Saving Hahamongna … again,” May 16). “With the water supply corralled, the remainder of the basin is up for grabs. As one staff member said, ‘There is a lot of land in Hahamongna,’” the column states.

This part illustrates that the city and environmental science are not on the same page. We have witnesses to attest that this statement was made by Loren Pluth, the project director for developments in Hahamongna of the city of Pasadena Planning Department. The remainder of Haha is still seen by these pavement planners of the 1970s as vacant land ripe for Capital Improvement Projects (CIP). Arrogant humans again trying to ignore the wisdom of science! Where is the understanding that the entire greens space is in service to the local ozone balance?

View the region from Google Earth and you can see how out of balance we are with all of the freeways, paving, urban development, etc. Who do we have to convince that the whole of Hahamongna needs to be protected? Is there anyone that can persuade the city to look beyond their nose for revenue production and instead look at the value of what we have? When it’s gone, it’s gone. cough-cough ... and here in the shadow of the nightmare 710 Freeway expansion.
Meanwhile, the mystery is building as to what agency has begun grading a road down from the existing sports field to Berkshire Creek and crossing to the other side all the way to the beginning of the ravine near the dam on the west side. Who dunnit? And why is it so much wider than what could be claimed as normal trail maintenance? Twenty-four-feet wide is the magic number for a road, not a trail.

When walking what was a trail, not a graded road, one can see how pervasive the thistle is. It is there because this place is under constant siege by the most invasive species there is: Public Works (county and city). Out of balance with pollutants and heavy equipment compaction brings thistle ... nature trying to protect itself, trying to say STAY OUT; we will prick you with our thorns!

Get the hint: The Pasadena Way needs to align itself more with Nature’s Way.

Upsetting to some
Re: “Filling the void,” May 23.
Actually, a fair amount of residents in Sierra Madre are upset because our (Pasadena Board of Education) vote was stolen by a bunch of destructive, left wing idiots from ACT and other equally reprehensible fey front organizations. The suspicion being that race was the criteria. That, along with the poorly planned destruction of Sierra Madre’s Middle School without any plan to replace it, along with the established fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars in Measure TT bond money is being frittered away on crony consultant after crony consultant, is upsetting to some. 
Just so you know how the captives are feeling these days.

Re: “Zero-sum games,” May 2
I, along with millions of Americans, have protested the Obama, Bush era wars from the start. From the White House to LA to Seattle — I’ve been glad to show the millions of Americans too lazy to do it, too busy to make time, and those “hippies” too broke to save, how to do it.  

Re: “Word feast,” May 9
I enjoyed the article by Carl Kozlowski about the LitFest. Sounds like an amazing event and one that we can look forward to as an annual celebration of creativity and books. It was great to read the comment about Roz Helfand’s involvement in the LitFest. Roz brings a wealth of experience, creative energy and “nothing is impossible” attitude with her. It is wonderful to see her acknowledged for these gifts. All of us book lovers are blessed to have her participation. The fact that I am her mom does not make my comments any less valid.  

Re: “A foolish path,” May 16
Thank you Hugh Bowles for explaining in an easy to understand way the shortcomings of recent local government plans for Hahamongna. Articles like this help busy or technically challenged people like me to understand what is at stake: opportunities for developers to do the unthinkable, which cannot be undone. We need Hahamongna protected in perpetuity. Development that replaces pristine nature cannot be justified. Thanks also to Princess Haha for her comments. 

In our last edition, we inadvertently left off vital information related to one of our columnists, Jacque Meyers. For a personal wardrobe transformation, contact Jacque, of curvygirlconsulting.com, at Meyers424@aol.com or (818) 416-0216.



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Why are you continuing to practice censorship-by-exclusion? Both Ted Rall and Tom Tomorrow produced fairly insightful editorial comics this week regarding Pasadena government's predisposition for pretending "pre-crime," and BarryHO's treasonous love affair regarding his hardware hard-on to commit drone-murder.

While you're certainly letting it get a one-week ink stain exposure of the PW's dead-tree version, your online editorial policy seems to completely ignore the needs of your www. readership that exists far beyond the PW's dead-tree distribution network.

Also, this spasmodic problem of prohibition creates for all enterprising PW surfers a VERY incomplete online record, especially of TR's specialty comic JUST FOR PASADENA as so many of his best are also being LEFT OUT of the past week's listings. If I were Rall, I'd be kinda' pissed.

Tell me Kevin, are you being blackmailed into this rather bizarre editorial practice or something?


posted by DanD on 6/09/13 @ 08:21 p.m.
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