Know this, ANY "representative" who is okay with the 4th Amendment's destruction also realizes (secret dirt being mandatory as an institutional "vetting" requirement for getting to "serve") that their own dog-dirty secrets will (somehow) become common knowledge if they ever meaningfully oppose the NSA(CIA, FBI, etc.).


posted by DanD on 6/20/13 @ 10:46 a.m.

I was just told by a lib words do not mean anything! Thus justification of doing what ever the left wants. If god does not even trust his saints, mankind is to depend on a group of Utopian libs to run mankind without a contract with the people. I feel better when I know the left is try to submarine the US economy, take all private property thru overtaxing, NSA conservatives, and finally jail them in the 4 empty jails in Sourthern CA. TED RALL IS JUST GASLIGHTING CONSERVATIVES LIKE THE ACLU NSA LAWSUIT TO CONFUSE THE RIGHT ELSE WE ARE SEEING A NEW MOVEMENT!

posted by on 6/23/13 @ 07:55 p.m.

Well, it does happen occasionally, much like some old-time(comparatively) alphabet agency opposing the constitutionally incinerating policies of a "newer-age" alphabet agency ... oh, but that's already happening!

You see, the CIA(Snowden) is quite blatantly illustrating just how fascistically the nationally suicidal mouthbreathers of the NSA are extra-nationally destroying the Constitution AND its Bill-of-Rights. This is an alphabet soup-war. The NSA (with its AIDS-paradigm Patriot-Act) is functionally absorbing all other alphabet agencies under its "big-tent." Just as with the Borg, resistance is supposed to be futile, but the CIA et-al are resisting anyway ~


posted by DanD on 6/26/13 @ 10:03 p.m.
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