Hungry for justice

Hungry for justice

Pasadena man says he wants man who allegedly killed his son to die

By André Coleman 07/24/2013

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A man accused of killing a Pasadena resident last year during a botched robbery will face a preliminary hearing Thursday in Pasadena Superior Court on charges that could bring the death penalty, a possibility that the victim’s father relishes.  

Rashad McCoy, also known by his gang moniker, Lil’ Weez Sack — which, according to the Urban Dictionary, means “weasel” — has already pleaded innocent to murder, attempted murder and gang and weapons charges. In a previous hearing, the 23-year-old McCoy’s girlfriend corroborated his alibi that he was with her in Palmdale on Sept. 26, the night of the killing.

Pasadena Public Defender Abahail Garcia, who has been assigned to represent McCoy, would not comment on the case or the alibi. However, Pasadena police spokesperson Lt. Tracey Ibarra said that the couple was not together when the murder was committed.

“We are very confident we have the right suspect in custody for the murder and Mr. Rashad McCoy was not with his girlfriend at the time when the murder occurred,” Ibarra said.

David Jones, father of the victim, 23-year-old Joseph Jones, believes McCoy is guilty, and if he is convicted, David told the Pasadena Weekly, “I am going to try my best to convince the jury that this clown needs to be executed. All of us are afraid of death. That is the punishment that fits the crime.”

McCoy was arrested on Nov. 20 in Palmdale and is being held on $3-million bail.

According to police, McCoy shot Joseph Jones after he and several friends began chasing McCoy in a neighborhood near John Muir High School after McCoy tried to rob them. McCoy reportedly fled into a nearby backyard and allegedly shot Joseph Jones once in the chest as he approached the area where he was hiding.

“He shot my son,” David Jones told the Weekly. “There is no way around it.”

David Jones and his wife, Faavoa Jones, have filed a claim for damages against the Pasadena Fire Department, alleging negligence in the treatment of their son. In that claim, the Joneses state the department wasted precious minutes examining Joseph in the street and ignored pleas from family members to rush Joseph to a trauma center at Huntington Hospital. That claim has been rejected by the City Council, clearing the way for a possible lawsuit. 


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