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Honor and pride
Randall Makinson, the architect who spent his entire adult life advocating the preservation and restoration of the architecture of Greene and Greene, has died. The world today is richer because of the life that Randall led and the work he preserved. But it’s poorer because his enthusiastic voice is now silent.       

Randall sacrificed a budding career as a truly sensitive and great modernist to save the work of Greene and Greene and to shepherd the founding of the partnership between USC and the city of Pasadena that preserved the Gamble House and made Pasadena ground-zero worldwide for the neighborhood historic preservation movement. 

While many criticized him for small indiscretions, those occurred in a 50-year battle to preserve an always threatened legacy.
The world and Pasadena owe Randall a debt that can never be repaid. His life should be remembered with honor and with pride. 


Enough already
With all the latest shootings, we must again turn our attention to the issue of guns in society and the right to bear arms.
Gun violence has been a hot topic for many, many years.

The arguments both for and against gun ownership are as many as the number of guns themselves.

However, one thing is clear: Shootings are now common occurrences and the fear that a child will be shot and or killed at school seems to be a greater concern to parents than terrorism.

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut was a reminder that guns and people do not mix.

The massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado was a wake-up call, but we seemed to have gone back to sleep. The shootings at schools and campuses have Americans wondering if their community and kids will be next.
This is a trend that has to stop.

The National Rifle Association has often said that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” That is bull. The truth is that people use guns to kill other people and they have done so in record numbers.

Society is out of control when it comes to violence and guns are a major part of the problem.

The NRA and their faithful gun-loving followers have never had an answer to the problem except to remind the rest of us of their rights as gun owners. They and the NRA always use the Second Amendment to the Constitution as proof of their “right” to bear arms. The Second Amendment is outdated and assault weapons and other weapons used to kill have no place in society.

Such guns are only used to kill people. We, the majority of the citizens of this country, have had enough of gun violence and the deaths of so many innocent people, including children, because of guns.

If the NRA and others won’t help in solving the problem, we the people will solve it for them.
Enough is enough.

Throw them out
In response to Nick Antonicello’s letter in last week’s paper, I agree with him that nothing will change in LA with Garcetti as mayor. The possible exception of all of the free loading, free tickets and free meals that Villaraigosa expected and received may be the only difference if Garcetti properly refuses most of them.

I expect the same to occur here in Pasadena when Bill Bogaard hopefully and finally calls it a day. Do you really think that the two council members most often mentioned as his wannabe replacements will be any different? I doubt it. Both flip-floppers on the Rose Bowl and the NFL? Secret meetings, high- powered political consultants twisting the facts until we’re all spinning from the overload of mail? The situation in Los Angeles is no different than will be here in Pasadena in 2015. 

What’s the solution? It is neither easy nor pretty, but I’d start with throwing them all out in the next election. Want to get rid of the gridlock? Get rid of the greedy electeds who put themselves and their future before the service that they were sworn in to uphold and provide for us the people. FIRE THE INCUMBENTS and the political ladder climbers who put themselves before service.

Re: “Lessons to be learned,” July 25
I’m from south Mississippi and if there’s one thing I can tell you about white people from the South is that the folks you would think would be considered “rednecks” ALSO consider themselves “rednecks” and take pride in the fact that they’re “rednecks.” They don’t try to hide their mullets, trucks, guns, etc. Case in point, Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty ... do you think these people get upset when they’re called “rednecks?” No. Not in the least. They’re proud of their lifestyle and could not care less about what others think.  

I’ll never forget ... I was talking with one of my best girlfriends from elementary school a few years ago about my new MacBook Pro laptop and she said with a laugh, “I will never be able to get one of those because I’m too white trash and I’ll break it.” This is coming from a woman with a PhD who has lived in San Francisco for the past 10 years.  
The person who took the time to write a letter to the paper is clearly dealing with some personal deep-seated issues of racism and is looking to attack with words in the wake of the whole Zimmerman situation. Take a deep breath and relax a bit.  


Re: “Second wind,” July 25
We want Coach O’Brien back!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Re: “Brown out,” Aug. 1
There is only so much that can be done for a group that does not vote in significant enough numbers, assuming its members would only vote for one its own.  


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