An ongoing problem

An ongoing problem

Alleged illegal boarding house operators due back in court

By André Coleman 09/04/2013

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An assistant city prosecutor said the owners of an allegedly illegal boarding house continue to operate despite the threat of new misdemeanor charges being filed to go along with the 141 counts they are already facing.    

Nicholas Benson Mnkandla and his wife Eva Meyers are scheduled to return to court on Sept. 25. A second alleged illegal boarding house operator, Jeanette Broussard, who faces 136 misdemeanor counts in relation to a boarding house she owns in Northwest Pasadena, was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

“They were able to put off their arraignment last time,” said Deputy City Prosecutor Kimery Shelton of Mnkandla and Meyers. “Technically, there are new violations every day against Mnkandla, but we have not filed those charges.”

Each count against Mnkandla, Meyers and Broussard carries maximum penalties of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
Mkandla, Meyers and Broussard did not return phone calls seeking comment on this story.

Mnkandla, who once called himself the Rev. Dr. Nicholas Benson, was a former Pasadena City Council candidate. However, he dropped out of the March District 3 council election after the Pasadena Weekly reported that he had used several aliases and birthdates and did not possess the academic credentials that he said he had earned.

Benson was also arrested outside the group home he and his wife own in May on an outstanding traffic warrant. According to court records, he was arrested again after he violated a restraining order in Pasadena in June.

The house owned by Broussard burned down in an early morning fire on Nov. 1 after tenant Garth Allen Robbins allegedly set it ablaze, killing Paul Richard Boyd, 75, and Cliff Juan Clark, 56. Clark’s children, Cliff Juan Clark Jr. and LaTiesha Renay Clark, have filed a claim for damages against the city in relation to the fire, alleging the city knew about the residence’s problems but failed to take corrective action.


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