Bloody Halloween

Bloody Halloween

Old Pas assault and road-rage incidents result in injuries to local man 

By André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich 11/06/2013

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In what police are calling an apparent case of road rage sparked by an assault committed in a city parking lot in Old Pasadena, a bruised and bloodied man was taken to Huntington Hospital on Halloween after being dragged a short distance by a car he was chasing on foot. 

The dramatic noontime scene played out at around noon on South De Lacey Avenue — directly across the street from the offices of the Pasadena Weekly. 

By this time, the busy shopping district was filling up with lunchtime diners, as well as adults and children dressed in costumes. At least seven Pasadena police officers responded to the incident, as traffic came to a crawl and pedestrians stood and gawked at the blood running down the face of an emotional 52-year-old Ed Rodriguez.

The incident began after Rodriguez and Keaton Brownlow, 23, exchanged words in the four-story parking structure. Later, as the two men were preparing to leave, Brownlow allegedly put his car in park and walked over to Rodriguez, who was sitting in his own vehicle, and punched him in the face.

Brownlow allegedly then left the structure and backed into the alley between the parking lot and Twins Palm Restaurant, where Rodriguez later spotted Brownlow and attempted to confront him. According to Pasadena police Lt. Tracey Ibarra, Rodriguez raced toward the car and reached inside as Brownlow began driving backwards, knocking Rodriguez off his feet and dragging him a short distance.  

“We are still investigating the matter,” Ibarra said. “Detectives will contact the victims slash suspects to see if they wish to press charges. If they do, we will send it over to the City Prosecutor’s Office and see what they have to say about it.”
As blood gushed from a nasty-looking wound to his left temple and eye area, Rodriguez stood behind his Toyota Camry, which was parked on De Lacey Avenue, blocking traffic and the exit to the alley where Brownlow had parked his Mitsubishi Galant. Rodriguez told a gathering crowd of pedestrians that Brownlow had attacked him. He refused to answer questions by a reporter for the paper.

By now, Brownlow was also standing outside of his vehicle, which was about 20 yards from De Lacey, and being interviewed by a police officer. Paramedics soon arrived, placing Rodriguez on a gurney and driving him to the hospital, about a mile away. 
Rodriguez was treated at Huntington and released, Ibarra said. 


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Since when does the Weekly report on news stories?

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