Christmas tragedies continue

Christmas tragedies continue

Trials set to start next month in year-old deaths

By André Coleman 12/17/2013

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The trial of two people accused of murder in connection with a high-speed police chase that ended in a collision that claimed the lives of two family members and severely injured three others last Christmas Day is expected to begin next month.

Darrell Lee Williams, 24, and Brittany Washington, 22, of Pasadena are charged with two counts of murder and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon in the deaths of Kendrick Ng, 11, and his 25-year old cousin, Tracey Ong Tan, of Glendale. The cousins, along with Ng’s sister and parents, were returning to Glendale after leaving the ice skating rink at the Pasadena Convention Center. While turning onto the road leading to the freeway onramp, a Dodge Durango driven by Williams ran a red light on Marengo Avenue and Maple Street and collided with the van.
Beverly Hills attorney Harry Lippman, who blames law enforcement for the crash, has filed five separate claims for damages against the city, each for more than $25,000, on behalf of the Ng family and Ong Tan’s parents, Alfredo and Paz Ong Tan.

Irene Ng, Kendrick’s mother, suffered a fractured neck and hip in the collision. The boy’s sister, Kristell, suffered a fractured spine and pelvis. His father, Kenric Ng, who was driving the minivan, suffered minor head injuries.

“I feel sad for the family and their loss,” said Colyna Winbush, Williams’ mother.

Williams was being pursued by an FBI agent and a Pasadena police officer who were riding together in a black SUV with dark windows. Local law enforcement was on high alert after a drive-by shooting earlier Christmas Day in Northwest Pasadena resulted in the death of Victor McClinton, 49, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department technician and volunteer director of the Brotherhood Community Youth Sports League who was shot while standing outside of his home on Newport Avenue. 

The Dodge Durango that Williams was driving matched a vehicle seen at the shooting, police have said. Williams was spotted rolling through a stop sign at 8 p.m. about nine hours after McClinton was shot. He sped off when police tried to pull him over. Williams eventually stopped, but then sped away as the officer approached the car.

It was later determined that Williams was not involved in the shooting. Jerron Harris, 25, Larry Bishop, 20, of Chino, and Gary Arthur Davis, 20, of Pasadena, were later arrested and charged in connection with that incident. They are due to begin trial on Jan. 27. 

Williams’ mother maintains that her son did not know that law enforcement officials were in the black SUV with tinted windows that was chasing him and Washington.

“I lost my son,” said Winbush. “He was out with girlfriend having fun for Christmas and his whole life changed because federal agents followed and chased him for doing a California roll.” 

The FBI was in town working on Operation Rosebud, a joint operation between Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Pasadena Police Department to take down a meth operation sending drugs from Mexico to Pasadena to the Antelope Valley.


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