As of Monday, day 4,578 of the war in Afghanistan … 

By André Coleman 05/09/2014

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American military service members (0 more than last week) have been reported killed in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001, according to The Associated Press. 

policemen were killed on Tuesday in Afghanistan when a roadside bomb exploded destroying the vehicle they were traveling in. According to Reuters, the bomb was detonated by remote control and a suspect was later apprehended.

people were killed last Wednesday in Iraq as they headed to the polls. The women stepped on a roadside bomb. According to the Washington Post, the United Nations reported that 750 people were killed by political violence in April. About 12 million people went to the polls to vote in the first elections held without the presence of US troops.

people were killed in Syria on Tuesday by a roadside bomb. According to Reuters, the victims were a local al-Qaida leader and his wife. Activists fear, the attack that may ignite a new round of infighting between rebel groups in the war-torn country. 


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Glad to see "The Count" making it back on the website.


posted by DanD on 5/12/14 @ 10:12 a.m.
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