The fact remains that Eric Walsh was a celebrated Pasadena government Public Health humanitarian before he got "outed" for his religious theatrics. It was never proved that his church house sermonizings ever even marginally influenced how he actually did his public service job.

Meanwhile, Pasadena's government-infecting gay posse against anything or anybody having any kind of negative opinion regarding the more extreme circumstances of America's frequently rather ridiculous gay lifestyles won't even let this man search for a job on the other side of the country. Instead, they expansively conspire with their gay posse-compatriots in Atlanta Georgia to poison the job well for him also over there in Dixieland. It makes me kind'a realize, WHERE EVER he goes in the future, will poor Eric discover a homo-malicious anti-SDA job-assassin waiting to destroy for him all future chances of significant job employment?

Apparently, like the NSA, they are tracking his (and perhaps everybody else's) every move.

Meanwhile, this man-of-color still never did anything illegal here in Pasadena (check this week's PW for information regarding this statement).


posted by DanD on 6/05/14 @ 02:31 p.m.
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