A Hot Week

A Hot Week

Police look at ‘best practices’ to patrol Rihanna and Eminem concerts at the Rose Bowl

By André Coleman 08/07/2014

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After last week’s performances at the Rose Bowl by Beyonce and Jay Z, Pasadena police are putting lessons learned to work in preparing for tonight’s show at the stadium featuring Rhianna and Eminem.


A total of 18 people were arrested following for a number of violations following the two shows on Saturday and Sunday, among them battery and public drunkenness, said police Cmdr. John Perez.


On Saturday, eight of the 10 people detained were arrested for public drunkenness. One had an outstanding warrant and one man was taken to jail for allegedly biting off the finger of another man during the show, Perez said.


According to police and published reports, Robert Alcaraz-Garnica was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of sexual battery and mayhem in connection with the biting incident. Garnica allegedly groped another man’s girlfriend and then bit the man’s finger during a fight. Garnica was being held on $100,000 bail. 


“[The unidentified victim] went to Huntington (Hospital) and we are still investigating the case. It is considered mayhem. It was a very severe bite,” Perez told the Weekly. “It is a pretty serious charge.”


On Sunday night, an additional nine people were arrested, four for alleged public intoxication and five for suspicion of battery. More than 100,000 people attended the two concerts, according to Perez.


Despite that incident, Perez said the event went well considering the size of the crowds.


The concert series continues tonight at the Rose Bowl when Rhianna and Eminem kick off the first of two shows. 


Next month, boy band sensation One Direction will play three shows at the stadium Sept. 11-13. 


Perez said the department is examining information learned from last weekend’s concerts to try and improve traffic flow and lower the number of arrests.


“We are looking to find the best practices,” Perez said. “Especially with traffic, we are asking people not to use their GPS to drive to the Rose Bowl because that will give them the most common route. They should check the Rose Bowl website for the best route.


Concertgoers, he said, should control their drinking and be courteous,” Perez said. “It costs a lot of money to get into these concerts and there is nothing worse than not seeing the show you spend $500 on.”


Perez also recommended concertgoers try and get to the stadium early and be aware of parking fees at the Rose Bowl and noted that more people are dropping people off at the stadium to avoid parking, which costs $40.


“Commuters should pay attention to drop-off routes on the website,” Perez said. “It’s going to hot this week, so hydrate and wear comfortable shoes.”

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Will a report come out after the concert? I'm just asking for Paul G.

posted by russmen626 on 8/08/14 @ 11:37 p.m.
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