Transparent Intentions

Transparent Intentions

Only certain portions of OIR report on McDade shooting may be made public

By André Coleman 08/07/2014

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Over the objections of community leaders and a Pasadena City Council member, the city may release only portions of a long-awaited independent report prepared on the 2012 officer-involved shooting death of 19-year-old Kendrec McDade.

Michael Gennaco, lead attorney with the Office of Independent Review (OIR), said last week that the report on the shooting was finished and ready to be turned over for review by city officials.

However, the public is not likely to see anything but selected portions of the document. City Manager Michael Beck has stated that he may only release the recommendations made by the OIR to improve the department, not details of Gennaco’s investigation into what happened on March 24, 2012, the night the unarmed McDade was shot and killed.

Beck said in an email to the Weekly that the full report would not be released because it involves “personnel issues.”

“The intent of the [OIR] document is to provide an independent assessment of the investigation of the officer-involved shooting incident of Mr. McDade and of personnel involved,” Beck wrote. “OIR provides an independent review and evaluation, with recommendations, about the thoroughness and objectivity of the Pasadena Police Department’s post-shooting investigation; the officers’ training and, as a result, a review of the tactics they used, plus any other ‘lessons learned’ from potential administrative or policy issues arising from this event.

“The report’s recommendations — a key part of the report — together with the department’s responses will be made public during an upcoming presentation to the Public Safety Committee,” Beck wrote.

When contacted by the Weekly, community leaders called for a release of the entire report.

“I think for the healing process to continue it would be helpful if there was a complete release of the full report of the Office of Independent Review in the McDade shooting consistent with the California Police Officer’s Bill of Rights,” said Councilman John Kennedy, a member of the  council’s Public Safety Committee (PSC).

There are no PSC meetings or council meetings scheduled for August.

“I think we should release all of the information in the report that we are legally able to release,” said Councilwoman Jacque Robinson, who chairs the PSC.

NAACP Attorney Skip Hickambottom called the decision to not release the entire report unfortunate.

“I think there may be some inconsistencies about what we were told we were going to get. Our concerns have been about the delay,” Hickambottom said,

In early June, McDade’s parents, who are divorced, settled two lawsuits which they filed separately against the department and the city in relation to their son’s death. The city paid McDade’s mother Anya Slaughter $850,000 and his father Kenneth McDade $187,500 to end their suits.

Prior to the lawsuits, the LA County Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s Office and Pasadena police had determined that Pasadena Officers Jeffrey Newlen and Matthew Griffin acted within department policy when they shot McDade a total seven times. Beck was expected to meet today with Police Chief Phillip Sanchez and City Attorney Michele Beal Bagneris to decide the city’s position.


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Of course we never asked the question, "Whey were you able to release the last one"?

posted by Paul G on 8/07/14 @ 02:16 p.m.

So Paul, what you're asking for is a ....full release?

posted by russmen626 on 8/08/14 @ 11:39 p.m.
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