Every Life Matters

Every Life Matters

Locals plan peace and solidarity march to City Hall

By André Coleman 08/28/2014

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About seventy-five people are expected to participate in the Every Life Matters: Peace and Solidarity March from Central Park in Old Pasadena to Pasadena City Hall at 6:30 p.m. tonight.  


The event will include spoken-word performances and poetry recitals in the park before the march begins, according to event organizer Ife San Gode-Olaitan, 21.


One objective of the march is to reiterate that African-American men are not disposable, said Gobe-Olaitan, who is organizing the event along with Clarke McRae, 20.


“The idea came after the shooting of Michael Brown,” said Gobe-Olaitan, whose grandfather, attorney Joe Hopkins, owns the Pasadena Journal. “I woke up early in the morning and read some articles and got a terrible sinking feeling that people think the lives of black males are disposable. Every life matters and no lives are disposable. I want to show people that we care.”


Brown was shot and killed on Aug. 10 in Ferguson, Mo., by six-year veteran officer Darren Wilson. According to witnesses of the shooting, Brown had his hands in the air at the time of the shooting. Brown’s death sparked eight days of civil unrest. 


According to police, Brown, 18, had committed a robbery earlier that day when he allegedly stole several cigars and assaulted a store clerk.


Wilson, whose identity was not disclosed until several days later, apparently was unaware of this incident at the time of the shooting. 


According to independent forensic  pathologist Michael Baden, who was working for Brown’s family, the teenager was shot six times — four times in the arm and twice in the head, with one of those shots entering the top his skull. The US Justice Department conducted a third autopsy on the youth.


Brown was buried on Monday. On Tuesday a reported audio tape of the shooting revealed a pause after the first volley of shots were fired.  


“Every life matters,” Olaitan said. “No life is disposable.” 

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Will there be any hot chicks there? I can use my sensitive side to score big time with the ladies.

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