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'A huge heart'

Alec Baldwin to help raise funds for Danny’s Farm Saturday night

By Carl Kozlowski 05/19/2011

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When LA County code enforcement officials forced Cathy and Jim Gott to shut down Danny’s Farm, a petting zoo and small farm program for autistic people that the Angels pitching coach and his wife based at their Altadena residence, they feared that they would never again be able to help others on such a large scale.
But a groundswell of public support has resulted in a spate of good news — including Emmy-winning actor Alec Baldwin helping out a fundraiser Saturday night in San Marino for their new facility at Cal Poly Pomona.
Danny’s Farm provided dozens of animals a friendly home staffed by autistic adults who were able to engage socially while bonding with the animals. But county zoning laws forced the program to close last fall, endangering the place that the Gotts had created and named in honor of their own autistic son. 
Cal Poly Pomona ultimately provided the perfect solution and is preparing to open a new version of Danny’s Farm as part of its veterinary school and agriculture program. 
Baldwin decided to get involved after reading about the program’s struggles in the Los Angeles Times in January, offering to do whatever he could to help raise money.
“Alec is going to auction naming opportunities for the animals, as well as meet guests at the VIP cocktail reception,” said Cathy Gott. “He’ll be there the whole night. I’ve never met anyone like him in my life. He is so gracious. He reads everything we send him without assistants. He really cares. I was worried that he would leave early and we’d have to start the program early. He’s amazing and really has a huge heart.”
The event kicks off with a pre-party VIP reception followed by general admission. Local rockabilly group The Conductors will perform, and there will be a petting zoo area and a live auction. 
Tickets are $250 for VIP admission for the entire evening. General admission tickets, not including access to the cocktail reception, are $75 for adults and $25 for children. For more information about the event, visit or call (213) 607-4432.


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Have been following Alec Baldwin's career and some of his inter-social activities including charities and conservation projects and many more!!! He seems to be one of a few in his line of work who do put themselves out there with his HUGE HEART! I praise him and Thank him for that! Although, sometimes it seems a little more like self loathing! LU AB but had to say it!!

posted by lori gibb on 6/21/11 @ 11:52 a.m.

Great deed to take care of animals and even greater to attract autistic people there. Its is really giving job as autistic don't really get who is behing it...
As for Alec Baldwin participating in such event - it shows his understanding of real needs in real life. Not such an allien...:)

posted by victoria on 6/21/11 @ 02:55 p.m.
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