A Pasadena Spirit Quest

As the world awaits a New Age — or the end of civilization — locals celebrate the Best of Pasadena

By Sara Cardine 10/11/2012

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Ancient Mayans were religious in their timekeeping. They measured different cycles of time and assigned to each day a god, or spirit, whose influence would dictate correct courses of actions for humans on Earth. Thousands of years ago, Mayans created a calendar that began Aug. 11, 3114 BC and lasts for a cycle of 5,125 years. Its end, Dec. 21, 2012, is little more than two months away, and for years, scholars have interpreted messages that refer to a cataclysmic event on Earth. Some look at our world today and see doom written in every headline and on every human face; others look at the world and see hope for the dawning of a New Age.
This year, despite mounting concerns for the well-being of the planet and the fate of future generations, readers of the Pasadena Weekly continued a long-standing local tradition of voting for people, events and businesses that make our community more livable. And so, as Earth spins its way toward Dec. 21 and potential oblivion, we take a moment to honor the area’s very best employees, citizens and businesses. If there is any hope of positive transformation, it will be gained through a commitment to hard work, service and to one another. In this, as you will see in the following pages, Pasadena already seems to be light years ahead of the curve.
Thousands of readers cast their votes in five categories: Pasadena Way, Service, Shopping, Nitelife and Dining. In the process of verifying each vote, a story began to surface about the city’s customs, traditions and rich culture. It seems in that, many of the practices and symbols of the Maya reflect a part of our lives today. Read on and watch the spirit quest unfold …

 Dreams of Immortality  |  Facing the Future  |  Treasure in our Midst  

Spirits of the Night |  Food of the Gods



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