'Attacked and brutalized'

'Attacked and brutalized'

Last member of Occupy’s ‘Foxy 6’ files claim for damages against city

By André Coleman 06/05/2013

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Two weeks after 18 members of Occupy San Fernando filed claims alleging Pasadena police officers struck them with batons as they protested a Nov. 14 appearance by former Mexican President Vicente Fox at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, another member of the group has filed a claim for damages, also alleging abuse at the hands of police.
In a claim filed against the city on May 16, Alejandro Torres said he was choked by police officers after he was handcuffed and slammed against a police car.

Police officials have claimed the officers were attacked by the crowd. Police said they were pushed and kicked as 50 protesters attempted to push past officers. Lt. Tracey Ibarra said the protest was legal, but some protesters began blocking entrances to the building.

While he was handcuffed, Torres said one of the officers grabbed the handkerchief he had around his neck and slammed his face into the side of a patrol car.

“I was participating in a peaceful demonstration when the Pasadena Police Department attacked and brutalized me,” Torres wrote in the claim.

Torres did not list an attorney on the claim, which seeks more than $25,000 in damages.

Torres, 22, of San Pedro, was arrested that day for allegedly assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest along with 29-year-old Benjamin Torres and Dara Glanzer, 22, both of Pasadena; Christopher Wohlers, 23, of Long Beach; Brian Connolly, 36, of Los Angeles; and Ulises Hernandez, 21, of Van Nuys. Benjamin and Alejandro Torres are not related.
Calling themselves “The Foxy 6” on their Facebook page, the group is asking supporters to urge local prosecutors to drop the charges against them.

Ulises Hernandez made headlines in October after Occupy San Fernando stayed in his family home for three months after a bank foreclosed on it. Police eventually evicted the group. 

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